Mangere and Otahuhu bus stop upgrades planned

With implementation of the new bus network in South Auckland coming up in October, Auckland Transport are consulting on the designs for the bus station in Mangere Town Centre and the bus stops in the Otahuhu Town Centre. Both of these improvements are also being classed as part of the East-West Link Connections project. Both upgrades are due to start in August and be finished in October. The two stations have been major advocacy projects for the Māngere-Otahuhu Local Board says Māngere –Ōtāhuhu Local Board Chair, Lemauga Lydia Sosene. “Both projects are significant milestones for the community and it is great to see them getting underway.” “These high quality projects …

Serving the Southwest

A lot of debate over the last week has focused on rail to the airport and Auckland Transport/NZTA’s decision to dump heavy rail as an option, primarily due to costs but also because they believe light rail could deliver similar benefits. As has happened pretty much every time in the past when discussing this topic, the focus of many commentators here and across the media spectrum has been squarely on connecting the airport and the CBD. That’s somewhat understandable given both are significant destinations but when focusing on a singular use outcome it naturally results in a misunderstanding of what is trying to be achieved and people trying to come up …

Walking and Cycling in Mangere to be improved

Some good news from AT this week as they’ve announced that work has started in Mangere on part of the Te Ara Mua – Future Streets project which aims “transform to the streets of Māngere and make it safer and easier for people to travel around, especially by walking and cycling.” Works have commenced this week on a community trail and improvements to Mascot Avenue which will expand walking and cycling ways in Mangere as part of the Te Ara Mua – Future streets project. Auckland Transport and the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board are working together on the Te Ara Mua – Future Streets project to make it safer and easier for people to …

Submit on the East West Connections

Post from Ryan Mearns of Generation Zero In June NZTA and Auckland Transport finally came out with a new proposed route for the East-West Connections, which is a new road route long pushed by business groups that would link SH1 and SH20 either north or south of the Manukau Harbour. An earlier proposed route that cut through the heart of Mangere was dropped in January 2014 after a huge public outcry, and an excellent local campaign. This new route effectively involved joining SH1 at Syliva Park with SH20 at Onehunga, with a direct connection that looks a lot like a motorway. This area does suffer from traffic congestion, and does have a large amount of …

How the Mangere Inlet used to look

Yesterday Auckland Transport and the NZTA released their preferred route for the East-West link semi motorway. It consists primarily of a new road along the northern shore of the Mangere Inlet, something that has already been subject to a lot of change over the years. Here’s what exists today (well a few years ago). You can see a little bit of variation but the past engineers have largely straightened out the foreshore. And here’s what it looked like in 1940, before significant reclamation took place. You can also see the level of impact the mangroves are starting to have and they were bairly noticable.

Looking Closer at East-West Link Option 4

Yesterday I showed you the plan being pushed by one local business group as an option for the East West Link. From many angles it was really horrific but when it comes to social impact, the official Option 4 as described below would probably be even worse. We learned about the official options in June this year when Auckland Transport presented to the Council’s former Transport Committee. It was a helpful presentation because it finally gave us some insight into the different options that were being looked at for this project. One of the options outlined in the presentation was what’s known as “Option 4”. It’s shown below and apart from …

Old Mangere Bridge replacement to be wider

Regular readers will likely know about the plans by the NZTA to replace the old Mangere Bridge which is now more almost 100 years old and requires a lot of maintenance to keep open. One of the massive advantages of the old bridge is that being a former road it is quite wide and it has become a very popular spot for walking, cycling and fishing with the width allowing everyone to happily do these activities without impacting on others. This is shown quite well in this time-lapse the NZTA made on a mid-winters day (imagine just how much busier it would be in summer) However people were annoyed, not …