We are always looking for wider perspectives on improving our cities, and often publish articles from guest authors. We invite submissions from authors that are aligned to our vision and meet the following broad guidelines:

  • Topics // we are interested in a broad range of topics affecting cities that can be related to current events or discussions, local issues, narratives or trends. Take a look at our categories and earlier work here.
  • Length // we find that 1000 to 1500 words is ideal from a reader’s point of view.
  • Images // we support our articles with relevant images (or graphs), which enhance readability and audience engagement. We therefore request that submissions be accompanied with at least three images. Please also provide captions and a source for each image (where relevant) so that we can credit images appropriately.
  • Tone // we value being part of a dialogue on cities that is open and respectful. Our articles tend to prompt discussion and a range of comments from readers so we request that authors write with this in mind. Our user guidelines can be viewed here.
  • Opinion or evidence-based articles // we post articles that are opinion or evidence based. However, we request that submissions make a clear distinction between evidence-based information and the author’s opinion.

How does it work?

If you are interested in publishing an article (or articles) on Greater Auckland or if you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us first you can contact us through our contact form or directly by email at admin@greaterauckland.org.nz.

Once we receive contact about an idea or a drafted submission we will let you know if it is a topic or view that we are keen to publish. The editor’s decision on whether the topic and views expressed will assist our vision is final. While we generally aim to retain articles in their original, submitted form we may make minor edits if required. If we think a submission could benefit from more significant changes we will contact you to work with you on these.

Once an article is finalised we will schedule it to be posted on www.greaterauckland.org.nz, with cross-posting via our twitter and facebook platforms. All content hosted by Greater Auckland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

We look forward to hearing from you!