Auckland is a great city, but it can and must become greater.

Auckland is a city in transition. We are no longer the car dependent ‘overgrown town’ of the late 20th century. Yet we are also not yet a true world-class city. We have come so far in the past 15 years, but we also still have so far to go.

Auckland is also increasingly different from the rest of New Zealand. We are younger, more diverse, more educated and more productive. We are also growing much faster and will continue to do so. There is no going back to the Auckland of old.

Yet Auckland faces immense challenges as we grow and transition from an overgrown town into a world-class city. The narrow isthmus that makes Auckland such an attractive place to live also makes our city relatively difficult to get around and increasingly unaffordable to live in. A history of neglecting public transport has caught up with us, despite recent progress.

A greater Auckland must become a better place to live in, to move around and to connect with others. These are the three pillars of our vision:

  1. Live. We must dramatically improve the affordability of housing in Auckland, in a way that provides much better housing choices for our highly diverse population. This means reducing regulations that stifle development, finding ways to significantly ramp up house-building and improving rental laws to better protect the majority of Aucklanders who now live in rental accommodation.
  2. Move. We must provide Aucklanders with congestion free travel options, alongside encouraging far greater levels of walking and cycling through providing world-class infrastructure. This means a complete overhaul of our transport funding system to enable the best investments to proceed on equal footing, rather than privileging state highway investments as currently happens.
  3. Connect. We must make Auckland a far better place to “be in”, so we can truly take advantage of the huge clustering of creative, intelligent, diverse and fantastic people that live in this city. This means rethinking our transport network as the biggest part of the city’s public space, making it safer and easier to get around on foot and creating places where people want to linger, to chat and to enjoy life.

Auckland is undoubtedly a far more vibrant, exciting and better city than it was 30 years ago. We need to make sure that this progress continues and accelerates.

We will help ensure a Greater Auckland.