Guidelines for Commenters

The comment stream is an important feature of Greater Auckland, and we are proud of the high standard of the information and intelligence usually displayed there by our readers. It is also a largely civil space, and so far we have been able to allow it to operate with light moderation and very open access. In order to keep it this way we ask that people making comment observe the following guidelines:

1. Commenters are guests and are asked to behave accordingly. Treat other members of the community with civility and respect. If you see disrespectful behaviour or trolling, please report it to us rather than inflaming the situation. The editors’ decisions on these matters are final.

2. The editors decide what is acceptable. We reserve the right to delete comments, place commenters in moderation and suspend accounts as we see fit. Grounds for moderation or suspension include (but are not limited to):

i.        Obsessive arguing in a thread or threads, or repeated provocative contrariness or pedantry (i.e. trolling)

ii.        Repeated statements without supporting evidence. Opinions, while welcome, are not facts, so do not assert them as such. Please provide supporting references and links, especially when asked for them.

iii.        Blatant promotion of products and/or services

iv.        Use of multiple anonymous identities

v.        Sexist, racist or other offensive comments

vi.       Unnecessarily long comments.

3. Members are encouraged to use their real names, especially for those wishing to comment frequently. We currently allow anonymity, but if we feel it is being abused we reserve the right to withdraw this feature.

4. Ad hominem attacks are frowned upon. If you disagree with someone, refute their statements with information and logic, rather than insulting them.

5. General moaning about the blog and its editorial direction is extremely boring. If you don’t like what we’re writing, find another space more to your liking or start your own blog.

6. Do not copy and paste complete copyrighted articles without permission from the copyright holder.  Acknowledge all sources.

7. We have high standards but are run by volunteers in our spare time so we do make mistakes. If you disagree with something we have done, get in touch.