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As delegates were leaving the American Constitutional Convention in 1787, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”. Franklin replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” He meant that, while the delegates had recommended a set of principles for government, it was up to average citizens to make them work in practice. That meant – and still means – having citizens who are informed and active in public debates over what and how we should proceed as a society, rather than citizens who will passively accept being ruled. I believe in representative democracy. It isn’t a perfect system, but it’s better than …

Common Acronyms page

We use a lot of acronyms here at TransportBlog. We try to write them out in full the first time we use them in a post, but we won’t always remember – sorry in advance! With that in mind we’ve created a page (under the About heading) to list them so readers can reference them if they’re not sure what something means. Here’s an initial list some of the ones we see regularly, plus some quick definitions to help get you up to speed: AMETI – Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative. A large transport project that was born out of the failed Eastern Motorway project that has thankfully become more and more public transport oriented over …

Who’s having the conversation about cities?

After her visit to New Zealand at the end of last year, Modacity’s Melissa Bruntlett posted a thoughtful reflection on gender and urban activism: Here’s a pretty common scenario – we are invited to an urbanist meet up or a group ride and I look around to find I’m one of just a handful of women in a sea of men. Each time I think to myself, where are all the ladies? I can’t be the only one who has an interest and passion for urban design and mobility, can I? And of course I’m not. If Facebook and Twitter have proved anything, there are tons of us sharing stories …

Give A Little

Regular readers will have noticed that we have setup a GiveALittle donation widget on the left sidebar. No one at TransportBlog (or the Campaign for Better Transport) gets paid for any work we do, and we rely entirely on donations for operational costs. Thanks to our successful film night last year, we still have about five months worth of hosting costs covered. However, as TransportBlog becomes more popular and readership increases, so too do the hosting costs and a server upgrade is likely to be needed in the near future. Help us get there by giving a little (or a lot!) to the cause.  The target is $1,800 which will …

A letter from a reader

Last night I received a wonderful letter from a reader that I thought I would share. Warren I can tell you that myself and my fellow bloggers really appreciated it, especially the bit about Patrick, so thank you very much An Appreciation and more…… From the time I discovered the Auckland Transport Blog, a little before Josh Arbury discovered his dream job of Transport Strategist at Auckland Council and relinquished his editorship of the Blog, it has become a mandatory daily viewing for me. I am particularly impressed by the quality of the analytical work of the blogging team and their amazingly sustained commitment to the noble and economically justifiable cause of a better transport system …

I’m back, did I miss much?

After a month away travelling around and experiencing some of the sights and sounds if Europe I’m back in the country. There was so much that I saw and experienced that it can’t fit it in one post so I will try to present some of it in the coming weeks. During the course of my trip I think I used pretty much every type of modern transport. I rode on buses and bikes, caught planes and trains, hopped on trams and in cars, sailed on boats and above them (parasailing :-)) and of course walked and walked and walked and walked. For a brief description of my trip, we …

Reminder: Film Event

There are still around 20 tickets available for this event, with more than 100 sold so far. So get in quick! We’re still looking for suggestions for a place to meet up before the film.  August 15 is the week after next! With kind sponsorship from Isthmus Group, MRCagney, Auckland Transport, Odyssey Wines, CityHop and Tim Gummer Design we have a really fantastic evening with a really fantastic film in store. We thought it was a good time to offer the opportunity for a little actual mingling with the growing number of readers and commenters on the blog. For those who wish to, of course. Here’s the poster:The Urbanized documentary looks really …
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We Need Your Help

I really love being involved in putting this blog together and am pleased that more and more people are not only visiting but also enjoying it. One of the main reasons I do it is that I love Auckland and want to see it become an even better place than it it already is, I also know that my fellow bloggers feel the same way. Thanks to all of you, the readership of the blog has increased steadily this year – since March we have  to set new records, and this month we are on track to break 100,000 views for the first time. There is a problem though – this …

NZ’s 6th most popular blog

Well, according to Open Parachute, of blogs which have a Sitemeter stats monitor across all of New Zealand – we are the sixth most widely read blog in the country. Here are the top 14: It’s quite amazing to see how interested people are in transport matters. Our readership has also gone pretty crazy in the last few months, with the graph below showing how weekly number have increased: From us all, we just want to say thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and don’t forget about our Film Fundraiser next month.