Well, according to Open Parachute, of blogs which have a Sitemeter stats monitor across all of New Zealand – we are the sixth most widely read blog in the country. Here are the top 14:

It’s quite amazing to see how interested people are in transport matters. Our readership has also gone pretty crazy in the last few months, with the graph below showing how weekly number have increased:

From us all, we just want to say thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and don’t forget about our Film Fundraiser next month.

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      1. I’m somewhat concerned about all of the top three, but mostly by WhaleOil’s top position. I suspect it has something to do with his scandalous style, and the attraction of people looking for juicy tidbits.
        The drop from 1st the 2nd, and then the huge gap between 2nd and 3rd, says that there’s clearly a bias towards incendiary right-wing “talkback” environments; both of the top-two sites are known for their cesspit-like comment threads.

  1. If I read your posts on my RSS reader, does that count in the statistics, or do I have to actually load your post?

    1. What little detail there is of how the data is collected suggests that it’s only active page views that count, because it’s relying on an element in the pages to track users. RSS feeds cannot do that tracking.

  2. The reason I ask is because other bloggers have talked about their blog getting X number of hits, and I’ve mostly read blogs via RSS syndication, rather than directly on the blog, so I wondered if that made a difference to the number of hits.

    I wonder, how could one find out?

  3. I refresh your page like 10 times daily when I’m bored, just to see if you have posted something new. Maybe I should check in more often to ensure you get pushed even higher 😉

    But seriously, congratulations folks!

  4. I suspect one of the reasons Whale Oil is ranked so highly is just how frequently he posts. Also the salacious style. But if you look at the top blogs, almost all of them either a) post quite frequently or b) end up with these big debate style comment threads that go for miles. i think that really pushes up the rankings because you get people who go back to the same blog 10 times a day (like Ingolfson) to engage in argument. Or, at least, that is my hypothesis.

    On our blog I have noticed that the visit thingy goes up heaps in months when we have a few blogs that are controversial and start a massive argument. I suspect it’s cos heaps and heaps of people are going back to the same post to rebut each other.

    It would be interesting to see how many actual people are reading blogs. Can you track that? If you assume that the average blog reader clicks on their blog once a day (maybe that’s way too much), then dividing the number of visits by 30 you would say that Whale Oil has 11,000 readers, ATB 1,600 readers.

    Of course, it’s probably more important WHO is reading your blog in terms of how much influence you have. Obviously some Herald journalists read this blog and lots of people who work for Auckland transport which makes it very influential in terms of who you specifically want to influence.

  5. Hi, do the stats include people reading within google reader (like I do)? I rarely go on to your website, but read every blog.

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