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The RCG Development Tracker is New Zealand’s leading database of new developments. Here you’ll find the latest on apartments, terraces, hotels, and retirement villages, as well as major retail and office projects. We update this each month, so check back regularly.

Although we’re pretty proud of the data that’s been put together here, it won’t be complete or perfect – please contact John Polkinghorne for any additions or corrections.

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Apartments and terraces in Auckland

The Development Tracker has information on hundreds of projects around NZ – far too many to show on a page. The table below focuses on apartments and terraces in Auckland, which are at least in the marketing phase. So far, we count 6,215 units completed since 2012, with another 9,014 under construction and 3,240 in the marketing phase.

NameCompletion DateSectorSuburbHomesDeveloper
University Hall2012 Q1Residential - student accommodationAuckland Central442University of Auckland
Tawari Mews2012 Q1Residential - terracesMt Eden24Hughes Construction
55A Swanson Rd2012 Q2Residential - terracesHenderson28Housing New Zealand
55-77 Gibraltar Crescent2012 Q3Residential - terracesParnell12Lewis J Investment Ltd
Herne Bay Ridge apartments2013 Q1Residential - apartments/ RetailHerne Bay6Jon Sandler
3 Basque2013 Q2Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace37Dawven Ltd
132 Vincent2013 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central62Tawera Group
Wamaka Buildings2013 Q3Residential - apartmentsEllerslie10Ockham Residential
Stonefields - Saltus Apartments2013 Q3Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington44Todd Property Group
Townhomes Flat Bush2013 Q3Residential - terracesFlat Bush29SanctuaryHeartland
8 Buscomb Avenue2013 Q3Residential - terracesHenderson15Housing New Zealand
Garrison Henshaw2013 Q4Residential - apartmentsThree Kings22Housing New Zealand
Nugent Apartments2013 Q4Residential - apartmentsGrafton56Neil Group
Balfour Road apartments2013 Q4Residential - apartmentsParnell30New Sun Company Ltd
Stonedon Terraces2013 Q4Residential - live/work unitsEast Tamaki14Euroclass Design and Build
Norwood Quarter2013-2014Residential - apartmentsFlat Bush56Peter Macleod
The Isaac2014 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn77Ockham Residential
20 Shelly Beach Road2014 Q1Residential - apartmentsSt Mary's Bay16Positive Aspect Properties Ltd
Carlaw Park Student Village (stage 1)2014 Q1Residential - student accommodationParnell130McDougall Reidy & Co
The Link (Whangaparaoa)2014 Q1 - 2014 Q3Residential - apartments/ RetailWhangaparaoa58Valiant Holdings
Merchant Quarter Condominiums2014 Q2Residential - apartmentsNew Lynn110Tasman Cook
Nikau apartments2014 Q2Residential - apartmentsFlat Bush33Jian Jin
45A Swanson Rd2014 Q2Residential - terracesHenderson22Auckland (2013) Property Investments Ltd
81-89 Cambridge Terrace2014 Q3Residential - terracesPapatoetoe8Housing Foundation
The Turing Building2014 Q4Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn27Ockham Residential
Momentum Apartments2014 Q4Residential - apartmentsFreemans Bay35Lancastergate Holdings
Norfolk Apartments2014 Q4Residential - apartments/ RetailBrowns Bay44Tasman Cook
M Central2014 Q4Residential - apartments/ RetailManukau114Pacific Equities Group
Hobsonville Point - Squadron Lane Terraces2014 Q4 - 2015 Q4Residential - terraces, apartmentsHobsonville Point39Jalcon Homes
Hobsonville Point - Brickworks2015 Q1Residential - apartmentsHobsonville Point60Tasman Cook
Ocean Point Beach Residences2015 Q1Residential - apartmentsOrewa28Orewa Beachfront Apartments Ltd
Vert Apartments2015 Q1Residential - apartmentsHerne Bay15Location Group
The Saint2015 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central20Carroll Industries Ltd
Mount Wellington Highway social housing2015 Q1Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington19CORT Community Housing
Te Ohanga Student Accommodation Village2015 Q1Residential - student accommodationAlbany292Massey University
Tenor Apartments2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsAlbany41North Shore Projects
Sugartree - Prima (stage 1)2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central148Lily Nelson Ltd Partnership
116 Kitchener Road2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsMilford4Tony Houston and Allan Shanahan
Block 7 (Auckland)2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central28Robert Fisher Associates
Stonefields - ilico Apartments2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington65Todd Property Group
Stonefields - Altera Apartments2015 Q2Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington44Todd Property Group
St Albans on Eden2015 Q2Residential - apartments/ RetailMt Eden15National Asset Group
Station R2015 Q2Residential - apartments/ RetailMt Eden37Ockham Residential
The Promenade2015 Q3Residential - apartmentsOrewa8Mel James Holdings Ltd
217 North2015 Q3Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn8Urban Collective
Lynton Road social housing2015 Q3Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington11CORT Community Housing
1 Bollard Avenue2015 Q3Residential - terracesMt Albert5Ming Fa Investment Ltd
Kings Terraces2015 Q3Residential - terracesDevonport7Chateau Management Group
Twenty Eight Koraha2015 Q3Residential - terracesRemuera11Fyvie Holdings Ltd
Sunhaven2015 Q3Residential - terraces, duplexesSunnyvale29Sunhaven Mews Ltd
Hopetoun Residences2015 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central91Tawera Group
The Colebrook2015 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central30Blackstone Hospitality Group
Stanley Lofts2015 Q4Residential - apartmentsPapakura7PKS Property
The Orange2015 Q4Residential - apartments/ Accommodation/ Office/ RetailEden Terrace35Burwood Orange Ltd
21 Mount Smart Road2015 Q4Residential - terracesRoyal Oak24Everrise Homes Ltd
The Reserve (Flat Bush)2015 Q4 - 2016 Q1Residential - terracesFlat Bush65SanctuaryHeartland
29 King Edward Devonport2015 Q4 - 2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsDevonport10Redback Develop
Arawa Street social housing2016 Q1Residential - apartmentsNew Lynn16CORT Community Housing
The Dylan2016 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn23Urban Collective
69 McKenzie Road2016 Q1Residential - apartmentsMangere Bridge8Mckenzie Aca LP
244-246 St George Street2016 Q1Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe6Du Val Group
Carlaw Park Student Village (stage 2)2016 Q1Residential - student accommodationParnell82McDougall Reidy & Co
Powell Street terraces2016 Q1Residential - terracesAvondale35Powell Street Holdings Ltd
Oxford Mews2016 Q1Residential - terracesGreenlane6Jian Jin
The Saints2016 Q1Residential - terraces, detachedManurewa25BA Group
Vinegar Lane - No. 1 Vinegar Lane2016 Q1Retail/ Office/ Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn4Wayne Schuler/ Shaun Marlo
Berechiah Gardens (stage 1)2016 Q1 - 2016 Q4Residential - terracesAlbany53Goodland Development Ltd
Silvermoon Park2016 Q1 - 2016 Q4Residential - terracesAlbany115Marmande Property Investments
Kainga Tuatahi2016 Q1-Q2Residential - terraces, apartmentsOrakei30Ngati Whatua Orakei
Western Park apartments2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsFreemans Bay27Sanctuary Heartland
Urba Residences2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central144Conrad Properties
Parkview Residences2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace48New Sun Group
Queens Residences2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central273Conrad Properties
Thompson Park2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington107Metro Property New Zealand Ltd
42 Carruth Road2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe3Clarke Group
21 James Road2016 Q2Residential - apartmentsManurewa3Clarke Group
Summit on Symonds2016 Q2Residential - apartments/ RetailGrafton45Kervus Property
Unilodge on Whitaker2016 Q2Residential - student accommodationAuckland Central300Tasman Cook
New Windsor cluster SHA (west)2016 Q2Residential - terracesAvondale13Housing New Zealand
27 Mauranui Avenue2016 Q2Residential - terracesEpsom5Changwu Ltd
Coronation Gardens (stage 1)2016 Q2Residential - terracesMangere Bridge20Coronation Gardens Ltd
Otahuhu social housing redevelopment #12016 Q2Residential - terracesOtahuhu19Housing New Zealand
Ormiston Town Centre (stage 1 terraces)2016 Q2Residential - terracesFlat Bush63Todd Property Group
Sugar Lane2016 Q2Residential - terraces, apartmentsBirkenhead12Rawene Joyce Ltd
Unsworth Terraces2016 Q2 onwardsResidential - terracesUnsworth Heights20Chateau Management Group
Fortythree apartments2016 Q3Residential - apartmentsPonsonby14Legacy Property
The Seddon2016 Q3Residential - apartmentsRoyal Oak13Plaza Properties
Remuera Ridge2016 Q3Residential - apartmentsRemuera9Potter Group (Albatross QT)
2-6 May Road2016 Q3Residential - apartmentsMangere East11Du Val Group
The Pines (Browns Bay)2016 Q3Residential - apartments/ RetailBrowns Bay52Tasman Cook
Pollen Street Apartments2016 Q3Residential - apartments/ terracesGrey Lynn22BUD Properties Ltd
10 Rogers Road2016 Q3Residential - duplexesManurewa6Shan Developers Ltd
Hobsonville Point - Sierra Terraces2016 Q3Residential - terracesHobsonville39Jalcon Homes
1902-1904 Great North Road2016 Q3Residential - terracesAvondale27Jon Sandler
31 Verbena Road2016 Q3Residential - terracesBirkdale14Location Group
11 Scanlan2016 Q3Residential - terracesGrey Lynn5Scanlan Residential Ltd
Lemon Tree Lane terraces2016 Q3Residential - terracesFlat Bush21Dong Global Investment Ltd
Carlos Drive terraces2016 Q3Residential - terracesFlat Bush11
46 Park Estate Road2016 Q3Residential - terracesRosehill23Park Estate Investments Ltd
Chambers & Station2016 Q4Residential - apartmentsMt Eden6Templeton Group
Hobson Fiore II2016 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central74KNC Construction
Pinnacle Apartments (Auckland)2016 Q4Residential - apartmentsGrafton63Martin Kells Developments
11A Central Avenue2016 Q4Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe6Du Val Group
585 Rothesay2016 Q4Residential - apartments/ RetailRothesay Bay27589 Limited
K Road2016 Q4Residential - live/work unitsStanmore Bay27Charger Group
Barrington Grey Lynn2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn8Craig Kells
Vinegar Lane - The Light House apartments2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn4Shed 1/27 Ltd
Hypatia2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrafton59Ockham Residential
Ford Lofts/ Residences2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsParnell8Gosling Property Group
Stonefields - Verto Apartments2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsStonefields60Todd Property Group/ Fletcher Residential
Unilodge Symonds Street2017 Q1Residential - student accommodationGrafton343Cedar Pacific Student Accommodation NZ Holdings Ltd/ Lamont & Co
14 Sarawia Street (name?)2017 Q1Residential - terracesNewmarket6Sarawia Properties Ltd
Ramada Suites Albany2017 Q2Accommodation - serviced apartments/ Residential - apartments/ RetailAlbany18Safari Group
Library Lane (stage 1)2017 Q2Residential - apartmentsAlbany130KVEST Investment Partners Group
Vinegar Lane - Nexus Apartments2017 Q2Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn16Graham Crowley
Manurewa studios2017 Q2Residential - apartmentsManurewa7Clarke Group
Vinegar Lane - Aria Apartments2017 Q2Residential - apartments/ OfficeGrey Lynn20Legacy Property
8 Hereford Residences2017 Q2Residential - apartments/ OfficeFreemans Bay119Tawera Group
Apollo Square (stage 2 - apartments)2017 Q2Residential - apartments/ Retail/ Office/ Accommodation - hotelRosedale55Rosedale Apartments Ltd
Whau Place2017 Q2Residential - terracesAvondale33The Housing Partnership
Ocean View Terraces2017 Q2Residential - terracesNorthcote12Gibbons Co
Waima Terraces2017 Q2Residential - terracesGrey Lynn16Larchwood Trustees Ltd
6-8 Old Wairoa Road2017 Q2Residential - terracesPapakura9Housing New Zealand
Sugartree - Centro (stage 2)2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central259Lily Nelson Ltd Partnership
OneThree Cheshire2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsParnell39Hughes Construction
Stonefields - Bellus Apartments2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsStonefields80Todd Property Group/ Fletcher Residential
North Apartments2017 Q3Residential - apartments, terracesGrey Lynn43Maidstone Properties
Middlemore Studios2013Residential - apartmentsMangere East4Clarke Group
Rosella Studios2015Residential - apartmentsMangere East6Clarke Group
257 Puhinui Road2015Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe2Clarke Group
Plunket Studios2015Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe9Clarke Group
Point Ridge (post-2012 development)2005 - 2017 Q3Residential - terracesAlbany100Lionheart Property Holdings
Swanson Rd studiosResidential - apartmentsHenderson13Clarke Group
5 Stamford Park RoadResidential - terracesHillsborough5DJI Ltd
Under construction
15 Fleet St2017Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace7
Otahuhu social housing redevelopment #22017Residential - terracesOtahuhu10Housing New Zealand
Three Kings Quarry - Tatua on Eden/ Onyx Apartments2017Residential - apartments, terracesThree Kings78Fletcher Building
Alexandra Park - East Gate2018Residential - apartments/ RetailGreenlane118Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park - Sightline Green/ High Street2018Residential - apartments/ RetailGreenlane128Alexandra Park
St Georges Road, Avondale Extension SHA2019Residential - apartmentsAvondale121Ockham Residential/ Marut?ahu R?p?
Pine Harbour Marina - residential2015 onwardsResidential - terraces, apartments, detached/ RetailBeachlandsPine Harbour Marina
McLennan - stage one development2015 Q4 onwardsResidential - townhouses, terracesPapakura154
Hobsonville Village2016 Q2 onwardsResidential - terracesHobsonville95Bruce Ansley
Lockheed terraces (name unknown)2016 Q3 onwardsResidential - terracesHobsonville59Austin Management Ltd
Melia Rise2016 Q4Residential - terracesStanmore Bay16Cranston Homes
106-126 McClymonts Rd2016 Q4Residential - terracesOteha28RELATED TO Albany Rose Garden Ltd
Niu Garden2017 onwardsResidential - terracesTe Atatu South53TBC
Te Atatu South apartments/ retail2017 Q1Residential - apartments/ RetailTe Atatu South6Syd Wong
Ryburn Rd state housing redevelopment2017 Q1Residential - duplexes, detachedMt Wellington13Housing New Zealand
Vinegar Lane - Uno/ Duo Apartments2017 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn20Shaun Marlo/ Julian Guthrie
View West2017 Q1 - 2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsMt Eden22
8-12 Kerrs Road2017 Q1 - 2017 Q4Residential - terracesWiri43Manuka Development (NZ) Ltd
16 Atkinson Avenue2017 Q2Residential - terracesOtahuhu5Atkinson Ave Property Development Ltd
34 Alpers Avenue2017 Q2Residential - terracesEpsom8Winbond Construction
Parkside (Glen Innes)2017 Q2Residential - terracesGlen Innes15Creating Communities Ltd
Foundries2017 Q2Residential - terracesFreemans Bay19Finstar
Sunrise Terrace (stage 1)2017 Q2Residential - terracesSunnyvale31Harvestfield Holdings Ltd
Millwater - Millwater Central Terraces2017 Q2Residential - terracesSilverdale37Broadway Property Group
Luke Street (temporary) social housing2017 Q2Residential - detachedOtahuhu51Housing New Zealand
Whitaker Park Central2017 Q2 - 2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central80Balanced Investments Ltd
Richmond (stage 1)2017 Q2 - 2017 Q4Residential - terraces, apartmentsMt Wellington99Wilshire Group
3 Redmond Street2017 Q3Residential - apartments/ RetailPonsonby3McElwee family
Woolfield Palms2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe10FUZO Projects
52 Sale St Residences2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsFreemans Bay14Gosling Property Group
The Rise Silverdale2017 Q3Residential - terracesSilverdale31
Chinese New Settlers Services Trust housing2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsPanmure36Chinese New Settlers Services Trust
SKHY ONE apartments2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsGrafton37Lamont & Co
The Ivory2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsEpsom84Conrad Properties
Victoria Residences2017 Q3Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central161Conrad Properties
Wynyard Quarter - Wynyard Central apartments2017 Q3 - 2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central113Willis Bond & Co
Northcote Strategic SHA (stage 1)2017 Q3 onwardsResidential - apartments, terracesNorthcote59Hobsonville Land Company
Napier Lane Apartments aka Napier Avenue Apartments2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsTakapuna4Bromac Ltd
Lofts on Basque2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace6Bloccassa Ltd
Maritime Point2017 Q4Residential - terracesBirkenhead11Aptus Projects Ltd
Nixon Central2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsKingsland16Southside
127-131 Newton Road2017 Q4Residential - apartments/ Car ParkingEden Terrace16Newton Technology Centre Ltd
Wyllie Grove2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsPapatoetoe18FUZO Projects
Mairangi Bay terraces2017 Q4Residential - terracesMairangi Bay19North Shore Projects
Oasis Apartments2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central28Martin Kells Developments
The James2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsEpsom29Core City Group Ltd
SOMA apartments2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn30Zone One Property Group
Ormiston Mews2017 Q4Residential - terraces, detachedFlat Bush31Jingyao International Ltd
Sol Apartments (Auckland)2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace33Link Lakeside Holdings
Lucas 182017 Q4Residential - live/work unitsAlbany48Ziegler Property Ltd
Skyview Apartments2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central51Waikoro Ltd
Botanica Mt Eden2017 Q4Residential - apartments/ OfficeMt Eden67McDougall Reidy & Co
Rose Garden Apartments (stage 1)2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsAlbany201Albany Rose Garden Ltd
Park Residences2017 Q4Residential - apartments/ RetailAuckland Central225Conrad Properties
3148 Great North Road2017 Q4Residential - terracesNew LynnHousing New Zealand
Set Apartments2017 Q4 - 2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsAvondale72Ockham Residential
West Edge (stage 1)2017 Q4 onwardsResidential - apartments, terracesNew Lynn88Avanda Ltd
Merchant Quarter MQ22017Residential - terracesNew Lynn25Tasman Cook
Pacific Gardens (stage 1)2018 onwardsResidential - apartments, terracesWiri42Changda International
Hobsonville Point - Bernoulli Gardens2018 onwardsResidential - apartmentsHobsonville116Ockham Residential
Botanica Heritage2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsMt Eden14McDougall Reidy & Co
Beachlands terraces2018 Q1Residential - terracesBeachlands32Errante Holdings Ltd
Daisy apartments2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsMt Eden33Ockham Residential
Nugent Rise apartments2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsGrafton92Neil Group
The Citizen2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace94Urban Collective
Connect Anzac Apartments2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central98Zhengzhi Holdings (NZ) Ltd
Queens Square2018 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central226Conrad Properties
289 Great North Road2018 Q2Residential - terracesHenderson11
Atelier2018 Q2Residential - terracesKingsland18Plutus Holdings Ltd
Wynyard Quarter - 132 Halsey2018 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central51Willis Bond & Co
Eight Lake Pupuke Drive2018 Q2Residential - apartmentsTakapuna70Willis Bond & Co
The Edgerley2018 Q2Residential - apartmentsEpsom81Hermitage Group
Hobsonville Point - Kerepeti (stage 1)2018 Q2 - 2018 Q4Residential - apartments, terraces, townhousesHobsonville200Ngai Tahu Property/ New Ground Living/ NZ Super Fund
Hobsonville Point - Quartermaster Apartments2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsHobsonville10Willis Bond
Totara Glades2018 Q3Residential - terracesPapatoetoe11FUZO Projects
Karauria Lane terraces2018 Q3Residential - terracesOrewa12Coastal Properties Ltd
Alba Takapuna2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsTakapuna19Legacy Property
Central Terraces2018 Q3Residential - terracesGlenfield22Gibbons Co
Tuatahi apartments (stage 1)2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsMt Albert36Ockham Residential/ Marut?ahu R?p?
Market Cove - The Lanes2018 Q3Residential - terracesFavona38Southpark Group
St Marks2018 Q3Residential - apartments/ Health/ RetailRemuera48St Marks Development Ltd
New Zealand Defence Force housing2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsWhenuapai49New Ground Living
The International2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central88Sanctuary Group
Miro Mt Eden2018 Q3Residential - apartments/ RetailMt Eden94XCJ Group
Eden Green2018 Q3Residential - apartmentsMt Eden100Richard Kroon/ Richard White
The Groves2018 Q3 onwardsResidential - terraces, apartments/ Retail - convenience shoppingGlendene48Matvin Group
Verdant Lane2018 Q3 onwardsResidential - apartmentsAlbany50PPD Rosedale Ltd
Nuffield Residences2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsNewmarket1685 Nuffield Street Ltd
Beach and Cavalli2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsLong Bay38Plaza Properties
NXN Apartments2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsKingsland78Templeton Group
The Sargeson2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsTakapuna92Metro Property
The Airedale2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central99Pharaoh Developers Ltd
Union Green2018 Q4Residential - apartments/ terracesAuckland Central150Myland Partners
Highland View Apartments2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsUnsworth Heights177KVEST Investment Partners Group
Tamora Lane2019 Q1Residential - terracesAvondale54Millennium Group Ltd
Grace Victoria Quarter2019 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central107Location Group/ Little Projects
The Antipodean2019 Q1Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central161Paul Doole
Grafton Hall redevelopment2019 Q1Residential - student accommodationGrafton325University of Auckland
Unilodge new building2019 Q1Residential - student accommodationAuckland Central488Unilodge
Basilica Apartments2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace35Nine Eternity Property Investment Ltd
Ramada Suites Victoria Street West2019 Q2Residential - apartments/ Accommodation - hotelAuckland Central51Safari Group
LIFE Apartments2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central92Ted Manson Foundation
Sugartree - Altro (stage 3)2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central265Lily Nelson Ltd Partnership
Library 272019 Q3Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central49Eaglestone Ltd
SKHY TWO/ SKHY THREE apartments2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsGrafton75Lamont & Co
Union & Co2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central148Conrad Properties
Lakewood Plaza2019 Q3Residential - apartments/ RetailManukau151Du Val Group
Glen Eden apartments2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsGlen Eden168Ted Manson Foundation
Crest Grey Lynn2019 Q4Residential - apartments, terracesGrey Lynn49Maidstone Properties
The Maritime Apartments2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central72Martin Kells Developments
Customs Residential2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central221Shundi Customs Ltd
35 Whitaker Place2020 Q1Residential - student accommodationGrafton786University of Auckland
The Pacifica2020 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central295Hengyi (10-12 Commerce) LP
Meadowbank cluster SHATBCResidential - terracesMeadowbank36Housing New Zealand
McWhirter Block SHA - terracesTBCResidential - terracesMassey42TBC
36 Mainston RoadResidential - terracesRemuera9Unite Investment & Management Ltd
Long Bay - The Reserve2019Residential - apartmentsLong Bay50Todd Property Group
Elliot Mews2017 onwardsResidential - terracesPapakura48Mex Enterprises Ltd
Wharf Road2017 Q1 onwardsResidential - live/work unitsTe Atatu Peninsula25Midpoint Investments Ltd
Parnell Central Apartments2017 Q4Residential - apartmentsParnell36Parnell Penthouse Ltd
Avon Village2017 Q4Residential - terracesAvondale12Avon Village Ltd
EAST LINK2017 Q4Residential - terraces/ RetailPakuranga30Synergy Property Group
Wyndham Garden Hobson Street/ Wyndham Residences2018 Q2Accommodation - hotel/ Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central37ABF Development Ltd
Mason Square (stage 1)2018 Q2Residential - apartmentsOtahuhu50NZ Living Mason Ave Ltd
Millwater - Arran Point Terraces2018 Q3Residential - terracesSilverdale24
Mariner Rise2018 Q3 - 2020Residential - terraces, detachedWhangaparaoa60McConnell Property
Hobsonville Point - Edgewater on Hobsonville2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsHobsonville43Classic Group
Chelsea Bay Residences2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsBirkenhead56NZLC Group
Station 5802018 Q4Residential - apartmentsKingsland59Martin Kells
Lighthouse apartments (K Road)2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central34
The Vulcan2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central38Plutus Holdings Ltd
Avenue Apartments2018 Q4Residential - apartmentsMangere119Du Val Group
The Terrace Takapuna2018 Q4Residential - terracesTakapuna7Gaze Holdings
490-492 Manukau Road2018 Q4Residential - terracesEpsom7City Life Developments
Hobson Quarter (stage 1)2018 Q4 - 2019 Q2Residential - terracesHobsonville39Far East
Richmond (stage 2)2019 Q1 - 2020 Q1Residential - terraces, apartmentsMt Wellington118Wilshire Group
The Vincent2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central171Conrad Properties
The Milford Centre - stage 1 apartments2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsMilford115NZRPG Ltd
Summer Gardens Apartments2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsTakapuna30Xinyue Development Ltd
Epsom Central Apartments2019 Q2Residential - apartmentsEpsom37Epsom Central Apartments LP
South 832019 Q2Residential - apartmentsPapakura54PKS Property
The Victor2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsBrowns Bay64Browns Bay Seaview Ltd
Proxima Residences2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsEden Terrace70T & T Investment Ltd
The Paragon2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsTakapuna65Oron Investment Ltd
Lakeview Apartments2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsTakapuna44CK Miiracle Ltd
Beachcroft Residences2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsOnehunga88Erson Developments Ltd
Edition apartments2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsParnell18LEP Group
Parkside Residences2019 Q3Residential - apartmentsMt Wellington138Austino Property Group
Lion Residences2019 Q3Residential - apartments, terracesEpsom41Lion Residences Ltd
Ramada Newmarket2019 Q4Accommodation - serviced apartments/ Residential - apartmentsEpsom63Safari Group
Ramada Suites Manukau2019 Q4Accommodation - serviced apartments/ Residential - apartmentsManukau67Safari Group
Civic Quarter (stage 1 - The Cab)2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsAuckland Central104Tawera Group
Fabric Of Onehunga (initial stages)2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsOnehunga160Lamont & Co
Soto Apartments (Meadowbank)2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsMeadowbank65Southside Group/ Dryden Property
Outlook apartments2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsMission Bay42Countrywide Residences
Horizon Mission Bay2019 Q4Residential - apartmentsMission Bay44Location Group
59 France2020 Q1Residential - apartmentsNewton104Urban Collective
Ramada Hotel & Suites Ormiston2020 Q1Residential - apartments/ Accommodation - serviced apartments/ Retail/ HealthFlat BushSafari Group
Fabric Of Onehunga (later stages)2021 Q2Residential - apartmentsOnehunga80Lamont & Co
Library Lane (stage 2)TBCResidential - apartmentsAlbany140KVEST Investment Partners Group
The ChelseaTBCResidential - apartmentsBirkenhead38Mokoia Views Ltd
Apollo Square (stage 3 - apartments)TBCResidential - apartmentsRosedale65Rosedale Apartments Ltd
Bella VitaTBCResidential - apartmentsHerne Bay7Hermitage Group
Fiore WakefieldTBCResidential - apartmentsAuckland Central124KNC Construction
Modulus ApartmentsTBCResidential - apartmentsTakapuna44Alphary Group Ltd
The LoxleyTBCResidential - apartmentsTakapuna53Loxley Hall Ltd
Takanini Central (apartments)TBCResidential - apartmentsTakanini48Equinox Capital Group
Karepiro VillasTBCResidential - townhousesStanmore Bay23
Hobsonville Point - The GroundsResidential - apartmentsHobsonville42TW Twenty Twenty (Twenty Twenty Property Partners/ Tall Wood)
O.K.L.A. apartmentsResidential - apartmentsAlbanyTBCKingsman Development Ltd
Vinegar Lane - LOT28Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn5
Vinegar Lane - Lot 22Residential - apartmentsGrey Lynn6HZL Ltd
24 YorkResidential - apartmentsParnell16New York South Ltd
The VanguardResidential - apartmentsEpsom34Austin Management
McLaren's Garage ApartmentsResidential - apartmentsRemuera6Charles Richards
43 David Sidwell PlaceResidential - live/work unitsStanmore Bay13SKKY Holdings 2015 Ltd
Alberton LaneResidential - terraces, detachedMt Albert8Alberton Lane Ltd
Shakespeare LaneResidential - terraces, detachedMilford12Sunyu Development Ltd


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We’re aiming to cover all terrace and apartment developments throughout NZ, regardless of size. For residential developments that include detached housing, we’ll only cover them here if terraces/ apartments are the dominant typology.

Hotels and retirement villages will also be included regardless of size.

Retail or office developments will be included if they cover at least 5,000 square metres of leasable area – for retail, we’re focusing on centres so standalone stores like supermarkets or hardware stores won’t be included.

Projects are classified as either:

1) Proposed;

2) Marketing/ leasing;

3) Under construction;

4) Completed – note that only projects completed in 2012 or later will be included, to match up with the resurgence in development activity from that time.

Lastly, we’ll have a selection of projects which are believed to be “on hold” or “cancelled” – they were announced publicly, perhaps even started the marketing/leasing process, but now seem to have dropped off the radar.

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