1. I watched the rest of the series (Unfinished London), it’s great stuff even if not familiar with London at all.

  2. They must really have fun making this series. I wonder if we have to make all the same mistakes or if we can skip a few of them?

  3. This video gives a good summary. Cycling is simply too dangerous in London thanks some poor urban design in regards to cycleways/lanes etc.

    I’m pretty sure that the uploader Jay Foreman is a semi-famous comedian in the UK.

    1. I used to cycle there all the time in the 1990s. Yes, you’ve been mad to try to cycle through some junctions. You had to get off and walk through the pedestrian route across the junction. But there were so many parks and canal tow paths and residential back-streets that you could avoid the dangerous roads if you figured out your own routes. Plus you could take your bike on the train and tube off-peak in the above-ground parts. And in the central city the cars moved slower than the bikes because of the amount of traffic.

      Different game now with the cycling super-highways – they really are as busy as the video shows.

  4. With thanks to … Monty Python. Makes a potentially very dry piece watchable and memorable.
    With reference to Patrick’s piece yesterday, if AT were to tell the transport history of Auckland in as engaging manner we could end up with better informed debate.

  5. Like Auckland London isn’t flat, if you look at cities where cycling is really popular i.e. Copendagen or Amsterdam they are flat, being flat makes cycling far easier, bing hilly makes cycling a crap as a means of transport, it’s great for fitness but not if you just want to go to work.

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