Interested in making Auckland better for bikes and looking for something to do after work tomorrow? Bike Auckland has just the event for you.

It sounds almost too good to be true: a Canadian city the size of Auckland is creating a full-scale downtown network of protected cycleways, virtually overnight – and all in one go!

So how are they doing it?! And could we do the same here?

Come and hear from our special guest Tyler Golly about how he’s helping Edmonton turn its ambitious vision for cycling into a fast-forward reality.

Then we turn things over to a lively local panel, led by Auckland’s Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid (Auckland Council):

Complimentary drinks & nibbles before and after the event – RSVP via the Eventbrite link:

This event is brought to you by Bike Auckland, the non-profit organisation working for a better city for bikes, in conjunction with Auckland Council’s Design Office.

More about Tyler Golly

As one of Edmonton’s leading voices for sustainable transportation, Tyler designs systems that get whole communities moving. He’s helped craft street design guides, walkability strategies, transportation master plans, and transit-oriented development guidelines. Motivated by the mounting evidence that active transportation has benefits far beyond the individual, he has delivered transportation solutions that have improved safety, accessibility, and mobility for people of all ages and abilities.

Tyler has won awards across North America and led public outreach initiatives in print, online, and in video. His experience in the public and private sectors helps him see urban transportation problems from an integrated perspective requiring collaborative decision making. He’s also one of Western Canada’s leading Lego enthusiasts.

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