1. Am I reading this wrong or did the Engineering Revue have essentially the same idea? Albeit with a much more pedestrian centred mindset.

  2. I’ll give this one to the lawyers by a nose.

    Not surprisingly both video’s featured better singing than the original.

  3. Both are good vids, though I give the win to the lawyers… Just.

    I know it’s a bit dry, but I spent most of the videos looking at technical aspects. If the engineers downplayed the gimbal moves a little and had access to a better camera for the low light shots (was that a phone?), they’d have a much better video. Their editing was better than the lawyers, but the production value is where the lawyers won (subtle gimbal moves, better low light videography).

    I gave both a thumbs up and hope that the wider media shows some love – I saw this on one of the papers websites earlier.

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