The days of parking meters are numbered now that AT have released their parking app.

Back in May last year, Auckland Transport released a video about their new parking strategy and in one part of it they mentioned they were working on a mobile app to let you pay for on-street parking without having to go to a machine to buy a ticket. This is part of a plan to thin out parking meters, which I understand are obsolete, before eventually removing them completely. In January it was reported that it had been delayed till late February or March.

Well it appears that AT have quietly launched it, with a more formal launch coming in a few weeks time. Given I don’t often drive to work, and definitely wouldn’t in March, I haven’t had a chance to check it out properly but based on the video it seems like they’ve done a good job with it. It certainly seems like a better job than their public transport apps. A few things I noticed included:

  • If you’ve set up an AT account for your HOP card the parking app can be linked to it so you can see both services from AT. However it’s clear both have been developed completely independently from each other and if it wasn’t for the name and access via the AT account you’d never know they were from the same organisation.
  • As an example of the above, the app is tied into the MyAT account but you have enter your credit card again. It also can’t be tied to your HOP balance.
  • It has much better functionality for searching for transactions and even appears to let you search your transaction history and even download.

I’m keen to hear the thoughts of anyone who has actually tried it but so far, it seems like a good step forward. Now if only they could make a decent PT app.

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  1. So if they remove parking meters completely, how will you pay for parking if you don’t have a smartphone, or you do but you’re out of juice or data?

    And since you can’t use your Hop credit, how will you pay if you don’t have a credit card?

  2. Mind you, having probs with the TransportBlog app on iOS too. it displays as all text and kept saying error with posting the above post…which has posted… 🙂
    Water in the lines?

    1. Doesn’t work for me either using chrome on android. It displays and is still semi-readable, but isn’t formatted properly. Just a big dump of text

    1. I don’t think it’s instead of, but as well. I’ve certainly been using Wilson parking app since it came out because it’s simple to only pay for what you use- rather than something’s having to guess- and quicker as you never have to queue at machine

    2. It’s optional. A lot of people do so they might like to use this option. If they’re going to stop providing alternatives like ticket machines that would be a problem and worth having a rant about, but I don’t see any evidence for that.

    1. I’ve seen a few of parking meters serviced in the past, and they run on batteries – they get charged from the little solar panel on the top. I believe they’re 2x 6V… Might be wrong, but there is definitely no power cables running to them. But no one says there can’t be power to them, and making them into EV chargers might not be a bad idea 😉

  3. Auckland Transport has developed the AT Park app as a way to provide a faster, more convenient way for people to pay for parking. Parking meters will continue to be available for people who wish to use them.
    Over time the number of parking meters will be thinned out and relocated to new paid parking areas but they will not be eliminated.

    James Ireland

    Auckland Transport Media Advisor

  4. This is just another assault on the elderly. It’s up there with closing rural banks and post offices. Or designing intersections that are tough for the disabled

    I am young enough to be able to use a smartphone and internet banking, but my 89-yo grandfather can’t.

    Designing a world that only fits the young and fit is just not on.

  5. Seems a shame that it was developed to work with the HOP system. If they had, then anyone who used parking would have an easy introduction into the PT world, if they weren’t already part of it.

    1. “Over time the number of parking meters will be thinned out and relocated to new paid parking areas but they will not be eliminated.” That tells me you will have to have a cell phone in the areas that they are removed from..

  6. Give me a machine where you can just bang in a $2 coin and hit “OK”, any day. It also seems to be part of the plot to eradicate the random-act-of-kindness of passing on your ticket with unused time on it, to the next person.

    1. Away l have my phone on me when in a car but rarely have a coin let alone the right change so apps are great. Used the Wilson one a couple of times which is great too with reminders when times up.

  7. Yep, registration doesn’t work for me either – went through the process on the app, got sent verification codes but apparently they were invalid when entered..then received an email from AT Park saying registration complete..but the app still wants an (invalid) verification code. will keep trying I guess, as this will be really helpful for the occasional times we use parking

  8. Registration on Saturday morning and first use on iOS on Saturday evening worked fine for me. Would have been nice if it all tied into my HOP card so it could be deducted through there. But at least there is no surcharge.

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