Lightpath is only 11 months old but already feels like an important part of Auckland’s fabric. As of the end of October nearly 200,000 trips by bike had been made over it and many more will have walked it. The path is great by day but perhaps even more impressive at night when then LEDs kick in and dance around, following users as they make their way across the structure. Here is a stunning timelapse video showing lightpath as the sun sets over Auckland by James Garman.

The view from Hopetoun Bridge of Auckland’s CBD, this is about 1 hour condensed down into 30 seconds. To the left you can see Auckland’s Harbour Bridge and some sails passing under.

h/t BikeAkl

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  1. Sky Tower needs to up its game! It needs to have an ever changing colour scheme or something exciting. Favourite LightPath photo so far is the Rainbow Colour LED with the Rainbow Colour SkyTower in the background.

  2. I think there need to be some seating and planters.

    It is quite long a long walk when not on bike, there is no seat to rest.
    Also it would be nice people can sit down relax, have a drink and look at the view.

  3. The 30 seconds video does not do justice to the LEDs.

    I agree with Kelvin it would be nice to be able to sit and take in the view, though this may not be popular with some cyclists. I have a grandstand seat from my apartment and often think it is a shame the view cannot be enjoyed by others.

  4. I really like the path (use it, lobbied for it) but I find the lights ugly and intrusive. I’m surprised that a feature which has such large effects on the surrounding area gets put in with no consultation whatsoever.

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