1. Sayers cant make up his mind, At the start he says we need to cut wasteful spending, later he says we need to pay for rail to kumeu, and seal a bunch of rural roads. I guess the cost savings are to be found in wards other than Rodney

  2. Well, they would be less of a waste of my money then a bunch of cycle lanes in town and spending $900,000 on street lights for Franklin rd.

      1. Who cares? But, they’re lights Dan. How about you write an essay on the relative benefits of 2km of sealed road vs replacing some lights with another set of lights.

        1. Don’t you care? After all it’s you that suggested replacing some road with some new road was better than replacing some lights with some new lights.

          1. Franklin Rd carries over 16k vehicles per day and is being rebuilt. The new lights are part of that rebuilt and the method chosen was to enable other outcomes on what is one of Auckland’s most iconic streets. It’s a bit hard to compare that to a rural road carrying a few hundred vehicles a day at most.

          2. Dan, I care as much about your cycle lanes, train tunnels, light rail and Franklin rd as you do about getting my road sealed.

            Get it? My needs aren’t yours and yours aren’t mine. But only the city gets its needs noticed.

          3. Only the cities needs are noticed? Why then did the council fund an extra $10 million over 3 years to ramp up the sealing of Rodneys roads? This is a 1000% increase in funding. Some people might take it as a sign that council spending is out of control.

            There’s a reason most of the farmers and lifestylers in Rodney don’t seal there own driveways, and that’s because gravel roads are actually a very cost effective solution for long roads that see light traffic. Yet somehow Sayers forgets this when pleading for the council to live within it’s means.

          4. Oh please. The increase was about 6 not 10 and it’s a tiny token gesture given in an attempt to make the transport levy more palatable.

            But it’s not just about gravel tracks Dan, but whatever…

          5. Time for a reality check Tony. The Interim transport levy is $96.77 +GST a year per ratepayer. There are 20,100 households in Rodney. This means over the three years the good folks of Rodney are paying a a total sum of $5.8 million on the levy… and getting at least six million in new spending out of it.

            A token gesture? Hardly when you get more than you put in! Or are you expecting the rest of us to subsidise your transport wish list even further?

  3. Danni’s negative politics are such a bonus for Manurewa-Papakura. Hard to believe such an asset has been rejected by Labour and National.

    1. From those I know and in no particular order:
      Chief Operating Officer (CEO is sitting next to Phil)
      Chief of Planning
      Director of Governance
      Mayoral Chief of Staff
      Looks like legal is present
      Couple of mayoral comms
      Director of Finance and Policy (I cant see the Chief Financial Officer in the shot)

      More to the point more names than one probably should know >_<

  4. Efeso is nice enough. I voted for him and I’m glad he got in. He’s youngish, well educated and understands firsthand the issues that poor, brown people face. I think he will be a good advocate for Manukau. But he is a typical politician, loquacious as they come. Mostly eloquent talk, but lacking in concrete action.

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