1. Interesting design and I can see why this space saving design was chosen but do AT realize that most of the current Auckland bus drivers find going forward enough of a challenge without making reversing a routine part of their day.

    1. A similar design works just as well with 20+ routes in Hamilton and in fact it is way less confusing than any bus station, platform or stop that AT is currently using with a max of 3-4 routes per 2 bus bays.

    2. I used these in Singapore. The reversing only works if it’s a terminus or where majority of passengers would board or alight the service. Otherwise, it’s an immense waste of time. On the New Network map for South Auckland, I can see buses #33, 368, 369 are the ones that don’t terminate here…

      Also, I hope that the intercity buses won’t terminate here – as I saw in places like Buenos Aires, where intercity buses terminate on the city outskirts… That would mean a trip from Rotorua would mean a transfer here onto a train, then in Britomart transfer onto NEX…. hmmmm…

      1. My guess is that after a year or so of bungling around, they’ll move the frequent through routes to stops on the street outside. Hamilton station has this, about half the passengers use a couple of normal street stops while the rest use the sawtooth station.

  2. Looks like it’s going to be a great facility. Cool fly-through!
    Looks like the toilet facilities have remained the same as the original draft – i.e. a half-dozen or so individual unisex rooms. I’m a bit puzzled why a big public facility like this doesn’t have some gendered bathrooms with urinals in the guys. Urinals are more efficient for the guys using them and more efficient for everyone else who wants to use a stall (because less demand on those).

      1. Yeah because a lot of inter-regional buses (which they intend to have stop here) are double deck. Also of cause in future AT services will likely need to be upgraded to DD along GSR.

  3. The whole thing looks very sparse. Is this really the best use for a large block of land so close to the town centre and opposite a park? Seems ideal for apartments, close to the train station too so would be popular with city commuters.

    Could they have put the bus station on the ground floor of that empty council car park building a little bit further up Davies Ave?

  4. I still don’t like that sawtooth design, but I guess the expert designers know what they are doing. The video looks good though.

  5. So they’re going to repeat the same design that drivers in Christchurch have complained about?? I take it the train station is downstairs? If so I didn’t see any obvious signage….

  6. Whu no seats in the waiting area that have back supports? Similar to Britomart train station, and, like there, not nearly enough seats.

  7. Ahhh Auckland – never fails to fail.

    1. Apparently pitiful connection with train station
    2. A park and reverse design wastes time and causes congestion
    3. Limited seating repeating mistakes of Britomart and, well, everywhere else
    4. Cabbage trees – everywhere. Has there ever been a less appealing vegetation?

        1. Furthermore the Cabbage Tree is really important as a signifier of Kiwi identity. It along with the Nikau and Ponga have long been used in the construction of nationhood. It was one of the first examples of local flora used in public plantings and illustrations to mark NZ specificity, to experience and show difference from the rest of the British Empire. In this it is probably the most important plant in the story of the construction/discovery of national identity. Some examples:

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