1. I think the presenter handled the oldies ‘questions’ quite well.

    Obviously policy needs to plan for increased housing supply over several decades, but not sure whether that would be enough for a supply shock as suggested. One of the panellists said that there aren’t enough tradies to front-load a ton of housing over the next 5 yrs; i’d think about incentivising migrants go come to nz as construction workers – could build their own houses as well as push the supply shock forward. Lots of migrants are happy to move to the uk and the states to work in construction…

  2. One of the points raised in the debate was that rating on improved value was a mistake as opposed to land value rating. Crone has also let this cat out of the bag in the mayoral campaign. Would expect LV rating to make a difference in the more intensive parts of the city. A worthy campaign issue?

    1. LV as opposed to IV would certainly change a lot of things in this city. You would find central areas (old ACC area) would pay more and as a result increase the likelihood of intensification in that area. Likewise with Takapuna. Devonport probably not so much. Likewise the Bay’s probably not so much overall due to their distance from the city.
      What the council could really do is also add a weighting/adjustment so that properties below a certain density in areas close to RT corridors are penalised while those above a certain density are “subsidised”(for lack of a better term). Those in the middle are neutral. The idea is to push for increased density in RT corridors to maximise PT use.

      1. Won’t moving to LV solve the issue in the medium term by letting the market set the value along transit corridors, as long as development isn’t ruled out by planning regulations?

        Short term I doubt there is an answer as the market signals distort things in ways most people find unacceptable. So it’s medium term effects based policies that will create the impetus for change.

        1. I think you are right NIk LVs is a medium to longer term policy solution that promotes the needed behavioural changes to get a better intensification supply response. It isn’t the only solution but if it was part of a package, including upzoning reform it certainly would help.

  3. The housing crisis is the biggest political issue of the moment and this video was an excellent discussion/conversation about it.

    It is long but well worth viewing.

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