Metro maps have long been used to help people understand public transport systems and now Auckland Transport are using one to describe the central city’s current and future cycleways, most of which is either in place now or will be within about 2 years.

AT Central City Cycling Metro Map

Here are a few thoughts about it.

  • The map doesn’t include a number of cycle friendly streets that already exist – such as the shared spaces. I understand this is deliberate as AT only wanted to show the routes with dedicated infrastructure on them.
  • Given the CRL works that will be happening over the coming years and disruption that will cause, I wonder if AT will have the courage to do route D – the east-west route through the city – within that time frame. In my view there certainly needs to be a better connection from the current end of the Nelson St cycleway through the city
  • While the time frame for this might only be the next few years, it does seem like a blindingly obvious solution to carry route J – the NW cycleway route – down Queen St to the waterfront. That is something I would like to see happen in conjunction with the construction of Light Rail.
  • The routes through the Domain are obviously dependant on the outcome of the Domain Master Plan.
  • With so many routes in, around and through it, K Rd will be competing with the waterfront for the bike connected place in Auckland.
  • As a comparison, this version of the map is more accurate and shows which parts have been completed so far.
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  1. I’m puzzled by the inclusion of Britomart Place on these maps as there’s no cycle way or cycle treatment there at all, the footpaths aren’t even designated as shared paths AFAIK so it’s like every other city street.

    They also show the cycleway crossing Grafton Bridge, is this again a case of AT claiming a bus lane as a cycle way or is there some plan to fir in actual cycle lanes? Not sure how they’d do that without removing the footpath on one side.

    1. “…the central city’s current and future cycleways, most of which is either in place now or will be within about 2 years.”

      I guess they’re outlining the ‘best-case’ outcome scenarios

      1. I’m quite aware xx_Ferry of what the map says, and it clearly states that Britomart Pl is a completed cycle way – however on the ground there’s nothing. It appears to be more of AT’s fudged cycle maps that they’re famous for.

    2. The more I think about it, the more I like the suggestion (from @ByTheMotorway?) of separating the modes in time on Grafton Bridge, since space is so constrained. IE give bikes time to get over the bridge before the buses get a green. As it stands, it’s not for the faint-hearted. I tend to try to get a quick start at the lights and sprint, hoping the buses won’t catch up to me before the lights.

      It would also need better enforcement for private vehicles – yesterday I was followed over the bridge by three cars, who promptly cut me off at the lights. I was also passed by a speeding taxi, demonstrating the wisdom of ending that particular experiment…

      1. This is the defacto situation at the moment, if you bend the rules and ride through on the tail end of the pedestrian scramble phase you get the clear gap on the bridge all to yourself.

      2. The speed “limit” on Grafton Bridge is (I think) 30, so there shouldn’t be a problem sharing with buses. In practice, it seems that most buses do keep to that limit, and it’s some taxis (and other cars using it illegally) that tend to be faster.

        I’m more concerned with the dotted line afterwards, suggesting a right turn up the hill on Grafton Rd before coming down and then up again along Carlton Gore. As a frequent cyclist in this area, that’s just not going to work. The real issue with Park Rd at the moment is traffic queues caused by the hospital parking. Here’s another suggestion, though possibly unacceptable to local residents: The bus-only restriction along Grafton Bridge should be extended along Park Rd to the Domain entrance, excepting traffic coming to the hospital from the Domain end. The main traffic route through this area should be Carlton Gore Rd, which would mean traffic lights at the corner of Carlton Gore and Grafton Rds. That means traffic coming up Grafton Rd would stay on it until Carlton Gore or Khyber Pass, and the only traffic turning right from Carlton Gore into Park Rd would be going to the hospital, medical school or Domain.

        1. It’s intimidating (even for me) to have them sitting on your tail, and the speed limit is honoured more in the breach than the observance. Hence my ‘get going on the pedestrian phase and sprint like hell’ technique. Can’t imagine it’s appealing for newbies.

          Yep, that dotted line is a bit worrying.

  2. What a sad hole through Dominion Road / Mt Eden Rd. I’m hoping, but not convinced, that the planners address this hole when they they do light rail. However, I think they will most likely decide there is not enough room for cycle lanes. I cycle down from Dominion onto the SH16 cycleway to avoid the cars.

    1. There wont be room for onstreet parking once the trams are in, but im ever hopeful that means theres enough room for a cyclane. if they can squeeze the trams into a central corridor that is narrower than the existing two bus lanes it might just fit

    1. Strange that route F doesn’t connect at either end?

      Franklin Rd was my daily commute 16 years ago. Better grade than other choices, and quite wide.

      I thought Ponsonby Rd was getting cycle lanes?

  3. Is there a key to describe each marked route.
    In the case of Route A is it a completed route or part under construction as the section between the Maritime Museum and Queens Wharf gates does not exist.
    The route commonly used here is pedestrian footpath not shared space.

    1. “…the central city’s current and future cycleways, most of which is either in place now or will be within about 2 years.”

      That would be the Quay St cycleway which is currently under construction (so should be finished within 2 years).

      1. Is there any detail on the Federal street plan? Is there any justification as to why it NEVER connects to Nelson Street (seriously guys, come on….should be at victoria and wellersley at least)

        1. Huh? Victoria IS shown, and there’s also Pitt Street.

          Admit that adding Wellesley would be good, but the CRL works and the bus congestion (not to speak of the still-limited cycle funds) probably will prevent that in the shorter term.

  4. Once the Avondale-New Lynn and Waterview cycleways are complete, it may become better for me to (a) bus into the office Monday to drop off shirts, pants, and ties for the week, and (b) cycle in on the other days. Possibly. I still need to model the additional time required for changing clothes.

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