Here’s a reminder of the upcoming Auckland Conversation featuring Joe Minicozzi from the States. Joe’s work has inspired a bunch of blog posts over the last few years including: The high cost of low riseUrbanism dividend: return on rates, and Proximity and Integration: (The Metropolitan Revolution). This should be a really interesting talk.

The talk is at the Aotea Centre, doors at 5pm. To register go to the Auckland Conversation website.


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  1. I went to this, it was a very professional and powerfully persuasive presentation from Joe. Any chance of getting the video of it into a post on this blog for the benefit of those who follow this blog but couldn’t be there in person?

  2. This is a fascinating and clear analysis. Every candidate at every level of government should be made to view and comprehend it. Strongly recommend viewing it. It serious and longish. I certainly didn’t stay watching for the questions.

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