While we need to get more connections on the next stage of the Eastern Path, Stage 1 is well underway. Earlier this month Auckland Transport published some pictures of the work so far.

Glen Innes to Tamaki Dr stage 1 - March16 2

Glen Innes to Tamaki Dr stage 1 - March16 1

The thing that struck me was just how wide the work area is. It almost makes you wonder if they forgot they’re building a cycleway and are building the meant to be dead eastern motorway. Thankfully there is a more reasonable explanation and it’s good to seem them having a little fun with their answer too.

If you’re not sure about where Stage 1 is, it’s shown below and goes from Merton Rd through to St Johns Rd

Section 1 map update

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      1. Yeah most of the cycle trails round the country side have been put in by one man band contractors using small diggers like that to put in all the culverts etc. Seems like NZTA has too much money to spend?

  1. A very similar thing is happening with a boardwalk in one of our local parks close to SH16 being built by motorway builders – first came a (temporary) over the top haul road across the grass followed by a (temporary) bridge across the mangroves linked to a second haul road on the other side. Even though this could have been done using minimal machinery, the roading engineers took over. Even though it is intended to uplift the haul roads (despite an attempt to make one of them a permanent feature) damage to the mangroves has been total – they have been smothered and will take years to recolonize the affected area.

  2. I’m not familiar with the details of this project at all, but perhaps the width could reflect the fact that that this will be a higher quality cycle-way than what we are used to, and as such requires additional width to provide nice grades/curvature. Also they may be installing higher quality stormwater drainage, landscaping, and possibly also services (e.g. electricity feeds for lighting etc). Provided the construction is not impacting negatively on native vegetation and/or cost, then my preference is to trust the experts!

      1. Doesnt have to be both busway/cycleway throughout… but in some areas maybe built a dedicated busway especially around busy roads. I dont know the area well sorry. just a suggesting.

  3. The enabling works you’re talking about, I’m guessing would be part of the red tape applied by Auckland Council. The contractors would have had to submit a Construction Management Plan, including Health & Safety (including covering anyone from the public silly enough to access the work site).

    I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that the contractors will have been painted into a corner by someone in an ivory tower.

    As Dan C said above, you wouldn’t get this out in the country or the smaller Local Authorities.

  4. Why all the weird conspiracy theories? AT said it plainly: “Width keeps heavy machinery off concrete path.” End of.

    The Path will be 4 m wide.

  5. wonderful – will use it a lot when finished as the last 2 weeks have had 4 idiot driver incidences on Tamaki Dr…

  6. A lot of construction experts here it seems.
    If it was more efficient to use smaller equipment the contractor would do that; no point spending their own money.

  7. Steve I wonder if you got a picture of it? I’d love to see it and it would maybe make the authorities sit up and take notice.

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