1. Very different rock and soil conditions – the Thames build looks particularly challenging – but similar problems and processes. This looks like a fascinating documentary.

    1. An earlier version of the CRL was proposed in the 1920s. The Kapiti Expressway, currently under construction, runs along the designation originally reserved for the “Wellington to Foxton Motorway” in the 1940s. Who says we can’t plan for the far future?

  2. Tunneling through the tight squeeze between an existing station escalators and tunnel while they kept it opened was interesting….thought they would of kept people out for a bit at that point. See 55 mins in on the first video.

  3. For those interested planning for Crossrail 2 (Wimbledon to Hackney basically) is very advanced. Directions have been issued safeguarding the route and a hybrid bill/ TWA is expected in 2017.

    Also (and this is railway open heart surgery) a rebuild of London Bridge station is taking place becaise of the Thameslink upgrade. With trains (mostly) running. There is some time lapse footage on the NR website.

  4. I’d be grateful just to have the Auckland rail service operating around Christmas/new year, my usual visiting time to the old home town. A reduced holiday timetable would do. Next year maybe.

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