Some beautiful videos from our friends Chris and Melissa Bruntlett at Modacity Life have made for Arlington, Virginia.

In the Spring of 2015, the Modacity team was invited to Arlington, VA, for a very special project. Working closely with BikeArlington, a division of the county’s transportation department, we had the privilege of following six Arlingtonians around for the day by bicycle. Each of the individuals and families profiled have unique stories, but one thing connects them – the humble bicycle. Edgar uses his past experiences as an immigrant to help those new to the country, while also understanding the importance of passing on his knowledge to his own daughter. Natalie has combined her passion for sustainable change with her business knowledge to become a successful bicycle real estate agent. Grant and Gillian break convention not only with family roles but also by living car-lite. Annie, as a way to adjust to relocation and change, uses dance to connect to the audience and the people around her. Nonie is a new empty-nester rediscovering her adventurous spirit with her sister by her side. And finally, Chris and Rachael use bicycles as a way to not only overcome Rachael’s Leukaemia but also to strengthen their father-daughter bond. It was an honour to be able to share each of their stories and showcase what it is that makes Arlington a beautiful place to live and ride.

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