Auckland Transport have announced that five more red light camera sites are now in operation.

Red Light Camera 1

Five new Red Light Camera sites have gone live in Auckland.

Auckland Transport selected the sites on the basis of NZ Transport Agency analysis, which identified intersections where red light cameras would likely enhance road safety.

The sites are part of wider programmes to encourage safer driving. Auckland Transport initiated a “Red Means Stop” education and enforcement campaign supported by the Police, and a follow up campaign is now in force.

In addition to Auckland Transport’s Red Light Camera sites, Police are preparing to run two digital, dual function cameras capable of recording vehicles that run red lights and/or speed through intersections. Infrastructure has been installed and they are currently going through a period of rigorous testing.

“Red light running is an issue of great concern in Auckland,” says Karen Hay, Community and Road Safety Manager at Auckland Transport. “We are pleased to be working with Police and our road safety partners on this initiative to both educate road users and enforce dangerous driving behaviours. We all need to take care at intersections to reduce the risk of someone getting killed or seriously injured. ”

The cameras are located

IntersectionOwnerInfrastructure installationCamera in trial modeCamera in enforcement mode
Auckland CBD – Halsey Street & Fanshawe StreetAuckland TransportDecember 2014December 201420 February 2015
Avondale – Ash Street & Rosebank RoadAuckland TransportDecember 2014December 201420 February 2015
Pakuranga – Pigeon Mountain & Pakuranga RoadAuckland TransportDecember 2014December 201420 February 2015
East Tamaki – Te Irirangi Drive & Smales RoadAuckland TransportDecember 2014December 201420 February 2015
East Tamaki – Chapel Road & Stancombe RoadAuckland TransportDecember 2014December 201420 February 2015
Lambie Drive Interchange (east-bound off-ramp)PoliceDecember 2014January 20152015
Botany – Te Irirangi & Tī Rakau DrivesPoliceDecember 2014January 20152015

This will hopefully help to make these intersections (and others) safer.

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  1. Anyone know how they work? Can you get a ticket for running an orange light? Or is a ticket only issued if you cross the white line after the light has turned red? How much is the fine?

      1. Seems a bit low. surely running a red Is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road? Gotta be worse than say doing 20km over the speed limit or driving after 3 beers at the pub? Increase the fine to say $500 and red light running will pretty much stop straight away.

    1. I was involved in a red light camera trial in Christchurch some years ago. A first-generation police speed camera was borrowed and re-configured for this purpose, and it was set to measure speed through the intersection as well as red-light violation. Two photos were required to prove an infringement., an A-photo, taken prior to the vehicle crossing the stop-line, and a B-photo taken when a calculation determined that the vehicle would be in the intersection, based on its measured approach speed. When the light was green or amber, photos would only be taken of speeders. When the light was red, an A-photo would be taken of any vehicle approaching the intersection above a certain speed (10Km/h at the measurement-point IIRC). Thus a vehicle approaching fast and braking hard at the last second would get an A-photo, even if they stopped. The B photo would only be taken if the vehicle was detected as violating. To prove an infringement, both A and B photos would have to show the vehicle and the red light (clearly visible in the frame), meaning that the driver would have been able to see the red light several metres before crossing the stop line. An A-photo with no corresponding B-photo would not constitute an infringement. Thus a car that crept through a red light below 10Km/h might get away with it, but these were not the main problem. The main crash-hazard was those that barrelled through at speed, not intending to stop.

      I am no longer involved with traffic cameras so I don’t know how the latest ones work, but I would be very surprised if violating an amber light would constitute a valid infringement, even though it is technically an offence.

      1. Hopefully they have simplified it now. a simple picture of you significantly crossing the line with the red light showing should be enough regardless of what speed you are doing.

        1. Not so straightforward I’m afraid. It was considered necessary to show that the light was red momentarily prior to the vehicle crossing the line. If it was amber, then it wouldn’t count as an infringement even if it was red once the vehicle was “significantly across the line”. Otherwise the system would effectively be enforcing “stop-on-amber”, which it wasn’t the intention.

          Note that in the Chch trial, the “time since change to red” was displayed on the photo print-line (accurate to 0.1s).

  2. Sometimes I think these sites are better to be clearly signposted with warnings, at least those ‘unintentional’ yellow light runners will stop. Since the cameras were up at Botany, I can still see red light runners every time I drove past.

    1. “Since the cameras were up at Botany, I can still see red light runners every time I drove past.”
      Excellent! These cameras are expensive and someone needs to pay for them; other than me that is.
      Yeah warning signs: that’ll work. “Don’t rob this bank”. I suppose that might stop “unintentional” bank robbers? Same logic – or rather lack thereof.

      1. These cameras are installed for safety purposes, a reminder for drivers to pay attention to the lights will certainly safe lives. The intentional red light runner won’t even car about whatever fine is imposed.

  3. Every single time I cross Ash Street right-turning traffic from Rosebank Road continues to go through after the green man comes on. I hope the camera is pointed in that direction.

    1. The problem is partially the timing of the traffic lights. At a lot of intersections those right arrows is that often they are only green for a few seconds, long enough for 1 or 2 cars to turn right. While the total cycle can take 3 to 4 minutes. I have learned from observation that the first 4 or 5 cars will just drive, regardless of how long the green phase takes. If there are 10 cars in front of you, and every 3 minute cycle only 2 of them can leave, well, you get the picture.

      And then, there you are as a pedestrian, wondering if those cars will clear the intersection before the pedestrian light turns red.

  4. Ponsonby Road need some cameras. Every cycle there are red light runners especially on the right turn arrows. Gets really annoying having to wait for them all to clear the intersection so that you can proceed through the green and potentially dangerous to any pedestrians that might be trying to cross.

  5. Talking about lights K Road-Pitt St intersection really needs second counters as the flashing red takes ages longer than normal and people just stand there when they possibly have plenty of time to cross…

  6. Happy about the Halsey-Fanshawe camera, having sat at the lights on Halsey (by vodafone) many many times waiting for selfish buggers to stop turning right (off Fanshawe into Halsey) during my phase. Fanshawe traffic already gets a massive phase, but they are too important to slow down, and oblivious to other people that have been waiting for ages! I even wrote a complaint to the Council about it …

    1. I would regularly nearly get monstered there when I was commuting back to the shore on motorcycle – no one expects you to be off the mark so quickly as they run the red light….

  7. The Halsey/Fanshaw St one should be moved one block east, to Hobson/Fanshaw. Idiots try to sneak through that intersection when there is no more room and end up blocking it off EVERY DAY when I try to go through there. Either put a Red Light Camera on it or paint a yellow grid to show people it is not a lane to park in! GRRR!!!

    1. Hobson/Fanshawe is horrendous with people queuing into the intersection. I’m just waiting for some muppet to speed through on their green light and smack into the other muppet/s sat right in the middle of the road. It’s a multi-car pile up waiting to happen.

  8. The cameras don’t pick up yellow runners, only red light runners and probably only ones that enter on red rather than exit on red.

  9. What a joke, here’s an idea… Get the timings set so traffic flows through intersections smoother first, how often does one sit at a red light while opposite flow is green yet no traffic coming from that direction!?!

  10. What needs to happen is to get an understanding of why people run red lights. Is it because they are bad or is it because of frustration at systems that don’t work efficiently?

    1. I have nearly smashed into people ignoring red arrows numerous times, in bad weather and heavy traffic.

      Sometimes I might turn through a red arrow if it’s the middle of the night and there’s nobody around and the lights are slow. There is a set of lights on Northcote Rd that are pretty annoying like that, and another on Wairau Rd. Should be fairly simple for traffic engineers to make the phasing a bit more responsive at off peak times.

      Perhaps people are conditioned to ignore the red arrows, when they have a nice green light otherwise.

  11. Who do we contact if I want to check the camera because my house has been robbed. I got camera in front of my house who do I cantact help please

    1. Shazia, sorry to hear your house has been robbed – but if it is a red light camera, it won’t have caught the burglars (unless they drove through a red light). It won’t be doing a continuous video feed, it will just take a pic when a car goes past when the light is red. Owners of the cameras are as described at top – i.e. mostly Auckland Transport. Good luck.

  12. hello sir/madam

    i need large scale of road speed flash camera.
    hope you will send me quatation details
    best regards

  13. Hi who do I contact to check the traffic cameras light to see a car accident on smales east tamaki road that happened around 6 pm on the 11/09

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