We’re looking at the performance issues that have been affecting the website lately.

We are trying a few different things like adjusting the way caching (WP Super Cache) is done, and we have removed the sidebar from posts once you click on them from the main page. This is designed to reduce the amount of caching that is happening on the server.

Hopefully you’ll notice transportblog become more responsive as a result. Let us know in the comments if you come across anything that isn’t quite right.

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  1. I read the blog on my iPhone and always have issues with the mobile version of the website. It often just won’t load the posts, and sometimes it randomly just reverts to the normal website.

      1. Yep, inconvenients truths are deleted to reinforce propaganda 🙂

        I wrote yesterday how people living in cheaper areas have more expendible income for recreational transport, thus transport spending for cheaper areas is higher, and it got deleted. I think you’re right Fred!

        1. Geoff, Somebody seems to have deleted your post explaining exactly how people can get a section for $20,000 . Perhaps you could report it or post it somewhere else and link to it?

  2. The new AT website/mobile site is much slower and less reliable for realtime info. They should get you to look at that next 🙂

    1. It’s the same with their app, frequently it just says Service Unavailable when I try to look up real time info. Have contacted AT with no response so I guess we can’t expect any action anytime soon.

    2. The new AT (Maxx) website is absolutely appalling. All those pdfs take ages to download and there are no clickable links anywhere. It’s really hard to find any usefull information anywhere. The journey planner is crap and results don’t scroll down. The search function is garbage. The maps of bus routes are rubbish without enough detail. They only seem to be interested in whizz bang mobile realtime stuff. Obviously the website has been designed by a 13 year old.

    3. AT is obviously doing their level best to put people off using public transport with their useless website. Try doing a search with their useless journey planner and you get results that involve walking for half an hour to find a bus when there are other buses much nearer. The results don’t scroll either and there is so much wasted space on the webpages while the journey planner results are confined to a narrow column that does not immediately display enough info on each selection. And the 24 hour clock is extremely annoying. why can’t they give us a choice of 12 or 24 hour clock? The majority of the page is taken up with a useless map that does not give any info on which bus except a stupid real time display. Utterly useless if you are trying to plan in advance how to get from one side of Auckland to the other. Too much emphasis on mobile app gimmicky crap. Designed by a 3 year old.

  3. I have’t commented here in awhile but I did in today’s post and it now says my comment is awaiting moderation! I’m sure this one will be the same (although I’ve removed my gravatar link from the website box so maybe It’ll work minus my logo). I’ve commented here hundreds of times before using the same email address and user name so I’m not sure how I’ve been flagged as suspicious. I know this musty be a new feature as I’m sure my very first post here required no such moderation. I also tried logging in to my account on this website that I used to use but both the login and register links seem to be broken – it says ‘secure area’ and asks for a password?

  4. can I suggest a button to show the recent comments sidebar? I had subscribed to a post that is now several pages down and it takes a bit of scrolling to get to

  5. On this note… how do you register, whenever I try click register under the “meta” area, it prompts me for credentials. Tried 3 different browsers on several different devices and 4 different network connections, still getting the same thing -_-…?

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