1. Thanks for mentioning the event! Had a great time, I forgot how much fun gratuitous mocking of the ‘other guys’ and oneself can be 🙂 Thanks to IPENZ for putting it on, and the participants for being such good sports. Look forward to replying the highlights on YouTube :

    Only other comment – could you post event details a couple of days earlier in future? I almost missed it 🙁

  2. Reflecting on last night I note that with many speakers predicting the innovation of driverless car will have a huge impact while also maintaining that the car = sex trope is still at the heart of their value, does this mean we can expect those car users soon to have nothing to do in their cars while moving will combine these two themes? Are cars destined to become little more that moving bedchambers? Is there then perhaps an opportunity for the more entrepreneurial to introduce the driverless taxi-brothel? Combine two of your favourite things; being stuck in traffic and…..

    1. Might be something in that. Maybe time to buy shares in companies that sell a lot of wagons (more space for you know what…), such as Volvo and Audi…

      … and don’t they say it’s always an Audi…? 😉

      1. > … and don’t they say it’s always an Audi…?

        I think what they say about Audis relates more to a somewhat related but solitary pursuit? Don’t think they mean it literally though.

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