This is one of the excellent efforts from the HACKAKL event on the weekend and is a new take on Auckland Transports EMU ads. I believe it may have also won a design award.

A dating application prototype for connecting Aucklanders with similar interests on public transport.

This is a ‘Video Hack’ of the Auckland transport promotional video for the new electric trains that were launched recently.

This video was made as part of the Hack-AKL weekend. It is made in the spirit of fun.

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    1. Hacking means a lot of stuff: (from wiki)

      Hack (computer security) to break into computers and computer networks
      Hack (programming language), a programming language developed by Facebook
      Hack (computer science), an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem
      Hack (programmer subculture), participation in a computer programmer subculture
      Hack (hobby), heavy modification of the software or hardware of one’s own computer system
      Life hack, productivity techniques used by programmers to solve everyday problems

    2. Hack originates from MIT and are practical jokes and pranks meant to prominently demonstrate technical aptitude and cleverness, or to commemorate popular culture and historical topics.

      They have a long history. There is a history of Hacking in New Zealand as well, but are normally referred to as capping stunts.

    1. ‘Blunder’ is about opportunity creation George – to weave PT deeper into the everyday social fabric. The message is all about surprise and delight and its edginess is what makes it work as a comms piece.

      1. I sincerely hope so. Today’s switchover from the MAXX journey planner and realtime boards is such a complete downgrade. Flashy new design, terrible functionality. Another public sector IT project which under delivers; bring on the open source solutions.

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