1. SLUMS! Look at that terrible high density housing that people have been forced into by greedy planners trying to control people’s freedom. Horrible, just like Hong Kong, probably full of criminals and ethnics, all on drugs no doubt.


  2. I also think that complex has underground parking. Those parks aren’t required by the residents of that complex.

  3. And let’s not forget all those parks in the Domain grounds itself. There’s a whole bunch right by the properties pictured.

  4. Actually I live along this street and would be very happy with some cycle lanes. Might slow down the drivers who think it’s a shortcut and speed along here and park where they like.

    1. George Street needs a whopping speed table at the intersection with Carlton Gore. To stop the racers (i.e. about 50% of all drivers) who hoon it turning into this street. Bad intersection design allows them to do the turn almost without slowing.

      1. Slightly off-topic, a tale of bad design and how (not) to remedy it: The most natural path for people walking between the Domain and Newmarket via the northern side of Carlton Gore Rd is, for lack of a proper footpath connection, through a small triangle of land on the corner of George St, landscaped for everyone’s enjoyment of course. After a while a share of the plantings had died off, seemingly arbitrarily, and coincidentally leaving a sandy strip along the aforementioned natural path that in this state could have been mistaken for an actual walking path by novice pedestrians and their ilk. The solution was to … re-landscape it. The landscaping has unsurprisingly received another impromptu desire line makeover since. The end.

        1. Ha – I thought that was meant to be a footpath and was waiting for them to concrete it – but on closer inspection, you are right, it is just part of the garden that they have omitted planting so people can use as a walkway.

          That whole intersection needs to be redesigned. It is a natural entry/exit into the domain by foot yet there is no footpaths at all. I would agree with a tabletop walkway going across both of those streets. I would even say make them pedestrian crossing but it may result in cars queuing over the soon to be introduced cycle lanes.

          I would also note that there must be over 5km of roads within the Domain, at least 80% of which do not have foot paths. I would recommend blocking the ‘through access’ trough the domain by strategically placed bollards such that the roads are only used by those looking for parking (ideally those who will be actually using the domain). This would make the roads much more pedestrian friendly.

    1. All the onstreet parking in the area is $1 per hour pay and display. The majority of Calrton Gore Road is a 2 hour maximum. The North West part of CGR (the part the parking is going to be removed from?) is 4 hour maximum as is all of George Street.

      My guess is that it is all used by workers in the area, especially the 4 hour maximum as that means you just have to redo the meter at lunch time.

      The Domain is free but 1.5hour maximum and there must be about 100 parks on the boarder with CGR – I would say atleast 50% of those are all day parkers who work in the area and have sydicates at work to routinely clean the tires (there must be a cheap technology solution to limit parking to 1.5 hours?)

  5. Most of those parking spaces are taken up by people who work on Carlton Gore during the day. It’s more likely to be residents of Carlton Gore Rd complaining because the places you see in the photo all have on-site parking (underground garages).

  6. I think ALL traffic should be banned from the Domain; grass over those roads. It is a public space, given to the people of Auckland; it is wrong to put main roads through it.

    1. The amount of parking in the Domain is over the top, in the evenings people park all over grassed areas as well when they turn up to play soccer. No reason for so much of it to be used as parking when in comparison most of the walking paths are in pretty shoddy condition.

  7. But Harry, how will 99.99% of Auckland who only drive cars get to the Domain? Heaven forbid they have to walk or take PT!! ! Or even worse, cycle!!!

    1. Well, not everyone has an hour or more to waste on getting where they want to go on PT. For some people they might want to get there and back without adding a few hours to their trip. This might be someone with young kids who need to have sleeps, but they still want to enjoy the awesome resource that is the Domain. Or those kids might be great to get out and about, but wrangling them on what is probably going to be two buses (one into town, then one to the Domain) there and then back home again is just impractical. Or they might be someone who lives in nearby (say 15 minutes drive) and who actually enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a car and again, don’t want to catch two buses to get there when they could drive directly there. It’s good to have the PT option there but is just isn’t practical or appropriate for a number of people so allowing for parking is a good thing.

      1. Weneed to keep parking so that people can keep driving. Wow what a novel and interesting opinion. Just one of the meany reasons why we have such a great transport situation in Auckland.

        1. Yeah we need more parking. Let’s pave over the Domain. That should fix it. After all everyone in London drives to Hyde Park. Everyone in Paris drives to the Bois de Bologne.

          1. Who said anything about more parking? You PT zealots get some really strange ideas in your heads. Just keep the parking we have so that people have options. Or are options only a good thing to have as long as they don’t involve cars?
            I’d be all in favour of removing the domain as a main thoroughfare though, it’s pretty ridiculous that one of the best parks in the city has cars zooming through the middle of it as a shortcut.

        2. You of course didn’t manage to address any of the reasons that someone might want to drive, you just have an ideology that says that driving is bad. You’re not going to stop people driving, people will still want to do that, just as some will walk, catch the bus, or ride their bikes. So why not let people have options? Why should catching a train/bus to town, then bus back to the domain be the only option (unless I’m lucky enough to live on a bus route that goes past the domain)?

          1. The point is that this town is excessively catered for in the parking department. This simply reinforces the deeply embedded auto dependency which makes this the most hostile-to-pedestrian/cyclist city anywhere. Time to reduce the parking amenity and re-purpose the space in ways that make it easier to get there another way.

          2. Who said anything about stopping people parking? You anti-PT zealots get some really strange ideas in your heads.

  8. Simple analysis indicates that around 8 car parks are needed by affected residents. 90 on-street carparks are available within 200m of Carlton Gore Rd. What problem with parking?

  9. The person who thought up terrace housing should have been given a knighthood. It gets the density up without residents missing out on anything much worth having (like side yards). Nobody gets overlooked because all living areas are on the ground floor. No looks in anyone elses windows. and you get some outdoor space. It is just a great invention.

    1. I agree completely, terraces are very very useful. Unfortunately to give the inventor a knighthood we’ll need to go back to Mesopotaimia circa 4000BCE.

      Really for most of urban history terraced houses were just houses, the fact you’d share an existing wall for insulation economy of space and materials was obvious.

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