I don’t watch a lot of TV but I did happen to be watching the news the other night to see what coverage there was of the EMU launch when an ad from Nissan came on.

Traditionally we’re used to car commercials existing in a sort of alternative reality where not a single other car is on the road to get in the way. This one from Nissan was different though in that there was some traffic on the roads. What disappoint me though was that Nissan seem to be endorsing reckless driving with the car seemingly encouraging the driver to weave through traffic at speed putting others, especially pedestrians at risk.

In the US where it’s known as the Rouge the second part is even worse, although perhaps suggesting that in a city the fastest way around is on a train.

Come on Nissan. Surely you can do better than this.

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  1. I feel that the first one would be ok if they made it clear that it was on a closed circuit with a professional driver too, that second one is crazy!

    1. Do it on a circuit and I’m fine with it. To create the ad within an urban environment is plainly irresponsible. Selling something in this regards is quite different to a similar portrayal in a movie.

  2. The ad does state that this is an alternate reality.

    This car, like every other, will be stuck in traffic. Though they could use a T3 lane!

  3. As a cycle advocate I’m cool on this. It’s so over the top, the second one, I can’t be cross on that account. Hey, I liked (some of the) Fast & Furious movies too.

    Fantasy is one thing – and we will always have that “out of my way” desire when we are driving (or even cycling).

    Drivers on the road acting half as bad as in the video – and not facing much enforcement or stigma at all – is another thing.

  4. Gee, would never have guessed the second ad was the American version… and the disclaimer designed for a primary school reading level (“Cars can’t drive on trains”) really tops it off.

    1. Yeah, “Fantasy, do not attempt. …” lol Oh darn, and I was just about to go and try it! Nissan also did a vaguely similar ad with the Pulsar in Australia which was banned.

  5. Come on guys, starting to get a bit PC here. These ads are so over the top that there is no problem, just good marketing. Remember these guys are trying to sell cars!

    1. First ad isn’t really OTT it’s someone swerving around traffic madly, but I guess that’s how so many drivers in Auckland act that it’s not really a unique ability.

    2. This reminds me of a recent Suzuki campaign that parked a Swift in front of all the cool urban things in Melbourne. Like one shot of it along the riverfront (pedestrian/cycle only promenade), another shot of it in Hozier lane with all the graffiti (no parking 24/7), and another of it on the tram mall on Bourke St.

      So ironic, selling a car with all the urban places made great by the lack if cars, places where the easiest way to get there is without one!

      1. Have no problem with that, maybe we should have a ad with a train at Piha to advertise our new electric trains 🙂

  6. I saw an ad a few years back that was also very irresponsible. It had a woman in a bath eating a Flake. Now clearly chocolate manufacturers have a duty to educate people about how water is a scarce resource in some parts of the world and sitting around in a bath is far too sedentary an activity for most people and then there is the sugar content of chocolate. Quite frankly I am still shocked. The only ads that should be allowed on out TV are those that show the true horrors of car crashes or ads that encourage people to eat more vegetables.

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