Did you miss out on tickets to be one of the first to ride electric trains next weekend and do you want some? If so then you may be in luck. Auckland Transport have given me three double passes to give away. In the comments tell me why you think you deserve one of the passes and I’ll decide on a the winners.

One requirement is you have to have missed on on the original ticket offer so it’s not for people who just want another go. Also please specify the time you would prefer to get tickets for with trips available between 10:30am and 3:30pm.

EMU Newmarket from AT

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  1. Be good to check that key people involved in making electrification happen got their tickets. I guess many of those are officials and may get the ride because of that, but not all were.

  2. I want them because I am a regular Onehunga Line user. PT is an important link for me as I can not drive. I have been following the electrification project since day one and very much look forward to being part of this momentous occasion for transport in Auckland.
    (10:30 tickets would be best)

  3. Sorry for a little aside here – does anyone know if anyone unethically snapped up more than 4 tickets? (i.e. in multiples of 4 with different e-mail addresses)

    1. I somehow happened to get several dozen tickets which I am now selling for 20 dollars a piece if anyone wants one…..

      Just kidding, but I do wonder why anyone would have bothered to get more than they needed unless they wanted multiple trips.

  4. I’d like the tickets because as a third generation railfan (both sides of family), and someone who remembers just how crappy daily travel on Auckland rail used to be (as a student initially), I want to be part of one of the first really exciting changes in PT in Auckland in my lifetime. Also I’ve been effectively running free publicity about electrification and the EMUs to anyone at the office who will listen (“Guess what’s coming up at the end of the month?”) and would love to continue more informed foaming/promotion after giving the new trains an early shot…

    I missed the original offer as I was out of town and offline. Anytime would suit me, ideally in the morning but if you pick me I’ll be happy with anything.

    Don’t suppose we can get bikes onboard though…?

    1. I think you could. I ticked a box that said that I’ll be bringing a pram. These new trains take (push-) bikes, so why not?! Worst case scenario, you can lock it to the racks outside back of Britomart…

  5. I got three tickets for my family, but I’m gonna make the case for some family friends who missed out (a family of four – two parents, two kids, one 10, the other 4) who missed out – they found out about it after it sold out.

    They’re on the North Shore, so don’t see trains often. Experiencing something like being part of Auckland’s first day of electric rail will likely want them to see trains on the Shore when they’re older.

  6. I’d like to ride and remember my great uncle who worked for Railways in less glamorous times. He was a guard who was based at Taihape and worked the main trunk. One of his worst experiences was to help pull bodies from the river after the Tangiwai disaster. Despite a traumatic experience he continued as a loyal employee for many years until his retirement.

  7. How many tickets are there for each ride? Is it enough to fill the train right up or what? 🙂

    I’d love a ticket, but I can’t afford to fly up to Auckland at the moment. Maybe once when the new trains are commonplace.

  8. love to have one coz i hv never travelled by the auckland rail and it would be a great opportunity for first time experience.

  9. I’d love one. Was on the first train (7.15) out of Onehunga when the new station opened to show my enthusiasm.
    Sadly, moved to The Boondocks and now commute by car for an hour each way, so don’t deserve them any more.

  10. Wow that’s come up quick… tomorrow! I assume winners are all announced, so I’ll bide my time for the Western line launch in spring 2015 I suppose.

    Expecting a big post & photos from the ATB team…

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