1. Smit: No John that doesn’t make any sense. Helmut is a boy’s name here in Holland. All Helmuts should ride bikes, but you can ride your bike without a Helmut.

  2. “In New Zealand we spend all our money on roads.”
    “All of it?!”
    “All of it.”
    “…I think I’m having a heart attack.”

  3. “So what kind of high visibility clothing do you recommend?”

    “High viz? You mean, like those things people wear in dangerous environments?”

  4. “Hey, It’s great that you invite me for a cycle on your National Cycleway!”

    “Cycleway? This is our main street.”

  5. “People were always going on about how great cycling was but I didn’t think about it at all till I met this millionaire on the beach…”

  6. Perhaps the PM will realise you don’t need a plastic hat to cycle after this experience and will whip through an order in council repealing our helmet law the same as they passed the law without proper consultation in 1994.

  7. “I never believed that commuting by bike could be real, I always thought it was a story made up by crazy cycling enthusiasts who are blind to the economic benefits of more roads for motorists”

  8. Smit: Do you cycle in New Zealand John?
    Key: Yeah, Nah, not really, only if I can rip up a railway line to do it. Besides, mowing down cyclists is almost as popular as running over our kids in driveways

  9. This doesn’t happen in my country and I don’t think they want it either so course I don’t give it any funding

  10. Actually Prime Minister, when I said try spinning, I didnt mean move to to the right, smile, and talk about how relaxed you are.

    1. Bit sad really isn’t it, he clearly changed clothes and put on running shoes when he was told he’d go for a bike ride.

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