1. I hadn’t realised that oh.yes.melbourne was no fan of our fantastic shared spaces:

    “Currently a construction site as Federal Street is converted into one of those horrible shared spaces that Auckland loves so much (not pedestrian friendly and riddled with vehicles looking for free parking)”

  2. pity they cut costs and left the cladding off most of the sky tower. All the original designs and sketches had it clad right to the ground, but them Mr Value Management got involved and decided a concrete pipe finish would be good enough.

    1. Actually that was a decision driven by the architect based on aesthetics. They thought it looked better as a concrete shaft with the support columns exposed, and I agree with them.

      That cladding system is a bit cheesy, it’s dated quickly. I think the simple honesty of the concrete finish is more attractive than covering it with the same stuff they use to reclad leaky apartment blocks on Hobson st.

    2. I was involved in part of the project. My memory is it was clad right up until a value management workshop at which time they claimed the concrete could be silvered to the same grey and people wouldnt notice.

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