1. Yes, based on my walk down there a while ago, I think people will be shocked by how neat the bridge looks from the ground. Sure you can see it in a car but that doesn’t really feel the same in my opinion as you’re racing by.

  1. Seen from this angle it shows how effectively the curved covers shelter the footpaths from bad weather. One of the things discouraging users from using PT is the lack of shelter, however the installation of the covers was not driven by pedestrian comfort. I wonder therefore how we could get similar results elsewhere. 🙂

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the song Proud Scum wrote immortalising the bridge. A classic. I think this was the reason for the barricades on the first place. Not the song, what it was about.

  3. I have always felt it is sad tthat we need to have anti-suicide barriers on this bridge. I have never seen them as beautiful, just depressing. Your picture has just captured a bus left turning onto the bridge at a point where it is not practically possible. The limit line has been set back but most drivers who use the bridge in the evening after hospital visiting hours finish at 8pm or at weekends dont understand it as it is a very unusual layout. Bus drivers respond by bellowing and being rude to the unfortunate driver and showing what complete pricks they really are.

      1. At the time I have seen it happen there has never been anyone on the bus other than the driver. The fault lies with people who put in markings where they are not expected ie intersection hatching on the approach rather than within the intersection.

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