Back in 2011 when the first stage of the Fort St shared space was being built the artist impressions showed a neat artwork installation on Fort Lane. Now a few years later it’s finally been installed. It’s called Eyelight Lane by Swedish artist¬†David Svensson. I think it looks great and is a nice addition to the area, here are some photos of it.

Eyelight Lane

And here’s another version of it by Richard Wong of

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  1. Saw this for the first time wandering to a club on Friday, both my mate and I commented on how much more intimate the area felt.

  2. But where are all of the bars and tables & chairs and waiters and flashing coloured signs and street vendors and bands and the passing parade. A few strips of neon doesn’t prove anything.

    1. It’s a work in progress, over time more businesses will open onto it. Look at what ROXY did. Perhaps the former Citibank building will repurpose some carparks for shops and open their blank facade up, they’d surely get more rent from that than car parking.

  3. Ooooh yes! I’d love to be sitting outside having a meal on that street! Especially on those warm humid Auckland nights.

  4. It looks great, I hope that its protected though. It looks like a vandals dream, not unlike the Panmure Interchange which is turning into smash glass city.

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