Some new additions to our development tracker.

City: Nicolas St Apartments – 60 Apartments

Another addition to the Hobson/Nelson cluster of apartments. This one seems to be on a site that has entrances from both Hobson St and Nicolas St. The development has two towers in it.

Nicolas St Apatments
While it’s called Nicolas St, this image is of the development from Hobson St.

City: Summit on Symonds – 45 apartments

What appears to be a conversion and extension of the existing building on the corner of K Rd and Symonds St. Like The Xanadu, this one appears to be targeting baby boomers. In the image below it also suggests that a separate building (the green one) will be built) as part of this.

Summit on Symonds

Mt Eden: Mt Eden Fiore – 120 apartments

This appears to be proposed for the large empty site currently used as a carpark on the Northern side of Enfield St next to the Horse & Trap

Fiore Mt Eden

Parnell: 28 York St – 12 Apartments

12 very expensive but also very large apartments in Parnell.

28 York St

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  1. I’m always facinated by how small spaces can have an apartment tower constructed on them, just like the proposed soti apartments to be built on a small vacant lot on Liverpool St.

  2. Good to see. But the Council is really going to have demand AT humanise the Hobson/Nelson system with even more people living up there. No doubt this will require some backbone in dealings with NZTA too but it just has to happen, and it’s not like it isn’t possible to improve place and retain the high vehicle movement functions on these roads.

    Time for a campaign?

    1. Exactly what I thought, we’re probably close to a point now where more people are living on this street than driving through and certainly deserve better than being treated as second class citizens to people who choose to live in the suburbs and commute in. There needs to be a major shift at AT, it needs to stop seeing the innercity as simply office towers and roads to get to them an their associated carparks and as a place where large numbers of people live and this is will only increase (and rapidly). Utilising all the space between buildings to fit as many cars as possible doesn’t create a liveable, or desirable place. Despite the hostile environment people are moving here in droves. The legacy however, is that all the existing buildings have treated Hobson Street as a motorway, something to barricaded the building up from, and we’re left with endless rows of blank facades and entrances to carparks.

        1. There is a really significant point that I set out to say to the AT board at that presentation but on reflection I worry that I might have been a little too subtle about:

          AT is not just a local version of NZTA. AT has even more responsibility to place and less purely to movement than NZTA. They are funded by ratepayers at least as much if not more than by taxpayers. They really need to be the bridge between AC and NZTA. Understanding NZTA’s core business but focused on delivering AC’s values and plans.

          It very much feels like AT have been too focused on being NZTA’s little brother than on consciously fulfilling this key role in our city’s development and performance.

          Hobson/Nelson is a perfect example of this. NZTA are focused on the performance of their motorways (and hopefully PT and cycling), AC should be punching hard for improvements to place value, and AT have arguably the trickier role of balancing these too forces.

          We look forward to AT settling into its specific role more fully and this letter from Dr Levy is an encouraging sign that this is beginning. This takes leadership.

          1. A third of those taxpayers are here in Auckland. That’s way more than half the funding coming from Aucklanders.

  3. I read in the herald there’s a 10 storey student accommodation block going up on the Rising Sun site on K’rd

      1. No idea, people seemed to think a barren carpark and rubbish bins were a better use of beach front land than apartments I guess. Oh an a run down and grotty pub. Shop around there have struggled for a long time, more people can only help.

        1. Run down and grotty it may be, but was one of the only live music venues on the shore that allowed young bands to cut their teeth performing. That’s something that will be missed, at least.

        2. I played at the Masonic a few times, and some other Shore venues… there are a number of them around, and the others are quite a bit easier to get to if you’re coming from south of the Bridge and can’t take the ferry!
          Although it’s always sad to see the demise of a live music venue, and the Masonic was quite a nice one, it had several things counting against it. It’s in a prime waterfront location, in a suburb with an older, wealthier demographic, and a bit isolated from most of the Shore and places without easy ferry access. It was more or less inevitable that it would be turned into a higher value land use at some point.
          In fact, now I think about it, I made my live debut there at a Battle of the Bands, so I’m quite thankful for having had the opportunity to cut my teeth there, and I guess I will miss it for that reason. Fortunately, there are some other places around to take up the slack.

      2. Because North Shore people fight any change at all without any actual knowledge of what is proposed. And ot juts fight the parts of the proposed change that leads to the results they dont like, just any change whatsoever. They want the whole place sealed in amber as a shrine to the 1960s.

        I recently found this out in my area of Bayswater.

        At the same time they scream for more infrastructure because they pay high rates. In other words, have the cake and eat it too.

  4. The building going up next to the Perspectives apartments on College Hill appears to be an apartment block. (I haven’t been sure until now whether it was a commercial or residential development). I haven’t seen any marketing information, so it doesn’t appear to have been pre-sold. Anyone have any information on it?

    1. Kalmar Construction is building it. It appears to be an apartment building with retail on the ground floor. Exterior looks nearly done. I work really nearby. Glazing is in. This morning there was lots of bags of insulation in the ground floor unit. I couldn’t find any info online about it.

    1. Also from that article and relevant.

      ” accommodate that extra million people who were expected to live in Auckland within what was then a 50-year horizon.

      11 years later, the horizon has shrunk to 30 years, and mayor Len Brown said this month the population was growing faster than the top of the forecast range”

  5. There are several further apartment/motel developments currently proposed/consented in Manukau around Lakewoood Court/Redoubt Road location. ps. Apartment tracker is a great idea, well done.

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