This year Capitol Cinema has been kind to arrange a special screening of the new movie Her on 12 March at 8PM (doors). Her has been getting a rave reviews around town and recently picked up a gong at the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay.

Like last time, we’ll arrange a place to meet up before the event (suggestions welcome). Here are a couple photos from the event by @bythemotorway. In addition to supporting the blog this is a great event to meet others in the interesting milieu that is Dominion Road.

Peak congestion.
Capitol Cinema, Auckland.


You can order tickets here. Group tickets and physical tickets (cash) can be arranged.  Big thanks to Isthmus for joining our growing  list of sponsors.

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    1. Hi Simon, We’re trying to get away from dealing with cash/tix at the door. Contact me at kentslundberg AT gmail and we can arrange something…

  1. Ha-Ha. Here is Auckland’s public transport woes in action. I don’t own a car. I can’t attend this movie night or any other evening cinema, or any evening theatre or any other evening event in the city for that matter, as my last 955 bus leaves the Victoria St bus stop (Opposite Sky City) at 10.30pm. Please don’t mention the Night Rider service. It would leave me with an hours walk to my home and in the pitch dark and in whatever weather blows my way, (and I am an old man too)..

      1. Actually Barney the last departure of the 955 is at 11.30pm on weeknights, so you are in luck. (10.30pm is the last bus in to the city, not out). Should be plenty of time to catch a Dominion Rd bus into town and make the connection.

  2. I think I’m one of the people Kent called out in his tweet about the move night… have been asking for another one and have been really looking forward to it…

    however the grandparental babysitting service is on holiday at the moment and I didn’t ask anyone else to look after our little one 🙁

    Sorry guys, but we’ll have to see you next year orz

    Have a great time though!!!

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