1. Devonport’s quite a nice place… unfortunately, heritage rules and the NIMBY attitudes which are quite common in that community mean that it’s likely to stagnate relative to other areas of Auckland.

    1. I don’t think it’s really the sort of place that would thrive on super high density. It’s very hard to get to via land (due to the single road in) and ferry routes are limited in where they can go. You could alleviate this with a rail line but due to the mountainous terrain and existing built up environment it would most likely have to be underground all the way to Takapuna. I think the better way to increase shore density has already been explained in this blog. A train line to Albany with a spur to Takapuna and a couple of light rail loops through Milford and Northcote/Glenfield.

      1. The ferries go where they need to go, and high frequency to Devonport! Lots of opportunity for better ferries to Bayswater too if further development around that peninsular. One road in and out means will be congested if people insist on driving, but it also means a great high frequency bus route, as almost whole peninsular with 10 minutes walk of Lake Road.
        The long term opportunity for Devonport is the Navy Land. Great opportunity for waterfront promenade, heritage building re-use and medium density apartments. Though need to be led by a Waterfront Auckland type body as needs to be more Wynyard and less Viaduct.

          1. With the available width, centre running trams might be easier, if more costly. They don’t need as much width. Start from the Takapuna Skytrain interchange (Thanks Patrick R) and gradually extend it along Lake Rd.

      2. What about elevated light metro as far as say Belmont where intensification was suggested to occur. This would also serve Bayswater that for some parts seems ripe for intensification?

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