Auckland Transport today unveiled it’s new website which will consolidate the various different websites the organisation currently has.

I am pleased to advise Auckland Transport (AT) is launching an updated website which is easier for customers to use and has more features.

The new site consolidates three websites:; and The new website is:

The website has a new structure, refreshed design and a new feature called “My AT”. This is for personal content such as AT HOP details plus new features like saved favourite stops or journeys.

The site retains popular features like the Journey Planner, timetables and fares information.

The new site is designed with dynamic content that automatically resizes when viewed on tablets or mobile phones.

Improved customer service is a major focus for Auckland Transport this year. is built on new technology and the website will be flexible to deliver online services to grow with increased customer numbers and their needs.

The new site will run parallel with the old ones for several weeks as users transition across to

New Website

They’re also asking for feedback so click on the dropdown box at the top of the page to provide some to help make it better. I reckon the next thing they need is an official blog 😉

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    1. I think they have just dumped all the old info in there. They haven’t done a detailed sort through to see what needs to be updated, deleted, etc.

  1. Gosh, that photographer who does all those smirky happy people doing unlikely things in trains, buses and now on bikes shots must be making a mint as that appears to be the extent of the AT marketing department’s aesthetic reach. Oops; nearly forgot that exciting, newish, ‘working’ logo.

  2. Well, at least they’re now using the right second-level domain. Auckland Transport is a government agency, not a company, so belongs in, not

    The Journey Planner also appears to have caught up with where Google was ~five years ago, so that’s progress.

    1. The Journey Planner is better than it was yes, but to not stay 5 years in the past, what do they need to do to bring the JP up to date?

      1. At a minimum they need to not size the map to screen size instead of showing a scrollbar on the right hand side, as their wheel zoom code is broken if the window is scrolled.

          1. Off the top of my head:
            – the non-mobile site crashes on iOS devices
            – mobile site enforses 15 min intervals and doesn’t allow you to easily get the result for the previous or next 15 min
            – bad address input logic and matching
            – starting location should be autofilled from my current location
            – a cookie should be used to remember often-used locations

            I’m sure if I think harder I could come up with more.

          2. Journey planner always recommends a bus, even when walking would be a quicker alternative. Important for tourists who don’t really know where they are going.

  3. I thought I’d try to find a out where I can park my bike in Auckland.

    First try I click on “Driving and PARKING”, then “Parking in Auckland”, and the “Parking Location Map” and am shown a nice interactive map that can show me all types of useful information like Car Parks, Motorcycle Parks, Bus & Train Stops, but no Bicycle Parking.

    Next stop, “Cycling and Walking”, then “Bike and Gear storage”, no maps.

    Third try, “Cycling and Walking”, then “Cycle and Walkway Maps”, found some maps, but they are so small can hardly be read without lots of zooming. And not a cycle park in the CBD.

    Too bad the interactive map I found the first time didn’t just have a cycle parking map – perhaps that is why they removed “We strive to provide reliable public transport, walking and cycling as alternatives to one person travelling in a car” from their old about us page at

    1. If you are in the CBD then new offices need to provide cycle parking for visitors a 1 per 1000sqm and for staff at 1 per 300sqm so just park your bike at one of the new office buildings – oh wait a minute I forgot, nobody builds offices in the CBD anymore as they can’t provide carparking!

      1. I assume you’re joking? New Fonterra precinct under construction now, 5 mins from new ASB. New spec office next to Telecom and opposite several other new builds.

      2. “Nobody builds offices in the CBD anymore as they can’t provide carparking!” – well, that’s wrong on both counts. There are, of course, parking maximums in place in the CBD. Regardless, Goodman is currently building something like 16,000 sqm of space for Fonterra and other tenants, Mansons are building another 19,000 at 151 Victoria Street West, the ASB building was completed last year (20,000 sqm), AECOM House at the end of 2012 (11,000 sqm), etc etc. In spite of a drop-off in development generally, post-GFC.

      3. New offices aren’t required to provide cycle parking… yet. That’s only in the Unitary Plan, which is years away from becoming operative, let alone having the first new building be built under its rules.

  4. There’s something wrong with the real-time board. My local bus stop has 6 due buses all scheduled from twenty minutes to an hour from now.

  5. I hope they get rid of the old ones at the same time – redundant/obsolete websites or info is the last thing people need.

  6. The “MyAT” feature uses the same authentication as the athop website. I has that annoying feature of closing the tab after you log out. Why? What if you want to browse the other information on the site?

  7. A big improvement, however content is a bit lacking. For example going to ‘catch a bus’ or ‘catch a train’ leads to a whole load of random information, some of which is outdated.
    Up the top of the train should ne network map, map of train stations, timetables. But no none of that. Group travel passes right up the top for some unknown reasons, and all this tells you is group travel is a real hassle because need 2 weeks notice!
    Also claims Park and Ride info is here, but isn’t not.
    Bus service’ page no better, no links to network maps or anything similar. Only buses mentioned are Link, Airport and Niterider.

    Though this map seems like could be good in future, though not really working yet. Hidden away for now it seems, but linked when I clicked on ‘live ferry position’. However claims to show a whole range of good info.

  8. Nice bit of greenwashing there, 2nd header being cycling and the main image a cyclist, yet AT doesn’t spend any money or even care about the mode.

  9. Journey planner doesn’t realise Thursday 6/2/14 is a public holiday. Should be a few punters late for the cricket tomorrow as a result. No special trains or buses either – Saturday timetable -1 train per hour. Looks like it will be another PT shambles after the game.

  10. Now that they released a new web site, hopefully they will release the ATHOP enabled version of the Auckland transport app for android and IOS which incorporates journey and address saving features of the new website.

  11. Hey my name is Priya. Everyday I come from work manukau to manurewa in 471 & 472 bus. I catch the bus at manukau bus stop. It’s really bad service. Every day I have to wait too. Long time. Example on bus timing , bus have to come 04.26pm but every time bus come 04.56 or after one hour. Why u people don’t give us proper service, I really hate this, I don’t like this service, so many people have to wait such as a long shit time, they are upset too, plz improve this, otherwise I have to complaint

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