1. Awesome shot and great to anticipate taking the train to Aotea, just a few steps from the Civic, the Town Hall, Aotea Centre and the refurbished old theatre presently hidden across the road.

  2. Just as well the 1974 Auckland Rapid Transit scheme didn’t proceed as the Civic was to be demolished to make room for the mid town station.

  3. Someone did a post a while back about (I think) a “Civic” stop for the CRL -presumably that was a renamed Aotea.

    Anyway, as per Linz’ post above and that earlier story, coming up from underground to a pedestrianised plaza bordered by all those prominent civic amenities as well as cultural icons would, more than anything, give Auckland a thriving beating “heart” of the city. Would be awesome.

  4. My late grandfather told me that when he was a boy men with a horse and cart for hire would park in the middle of this intersection while they waited for work. Boys were employed to shovel up the manure into sacks to keep the street clean around them. They were called ‘bird starvers’.

  5. In Takapuna the Bruce Mason Centre is loosing money hand over fist it seems. The suggestion to rescue it appears to be for the Council to prop it up.
    If we don’t need or want this theatre (and the fact that it can’t at least break even suggests that we don’t) why don’t we take a regional approach (wasn’t that part of what the Supercity concept was about?) and recognise that mid city theatres will serve the North Shore very well and can be accessed by a light metro line terminating at Aotea.

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