There are many things that frustrate me about post 1950 suburban developments and one of the big ones is the absolutely crappy footpaths that are so narrow you can barely fit two people abreast on them. Not that there is necessarily anything to walk to in most of these suburbs as there are normally no close shops and the streets are often convoluted adding hundreds of metres (or more) to any walking route. We need more streets with nice wide footpaths like this (providing someone doesn’t try to come along and paint a line down it and call it a shared cycle path).

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  1. At least we have footpaths pretty much throughout suburbia. I was visiting a friend who lives in Orange County, LA and his street along with a lot of the suburb he was in had no footpaths in dense suburbia! You had to walk on the grass or the kerb if you wanted to walk anywhere. Completely autocentric design.

  2. The very worst new footpaths are those built about 2006 on Esmonde Rd Takapuna-narrow side – concrete- right on the road – rarely used

  3. Does anyone know if it is current council policy is to standardise the widths of footpaths? A couple of years ago the footpaths in Westmere were all made about 30 cms narrower when the concrete was relaid. They used to be as wide as the picture above.

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