From tomorrow we will finally move one step closer to the completion of integrated ticking with AT HOP going live on Ritchies buses and that includes the Northern Express.

Hop Card

That means finally the AT branded transport ticket can be used on the AT branded buses (you would have thought it would have been one of the first to change over). Here are the ticketing changes if you are a Ritchies bus user

Ritchies and NEX ticketing changes

In two weeks (16th Feb) we’ll also see it roll out to the Howick and Eastern buses.

H&E ticketing changes

That the Discovery Day pass will still be accepted until 1 March 2104 suggests we will see the two remaining bus companies – Waiheke Bus Company and the Airporter (different from the Airbus Express) – changed over before the end of the month.

It’s really is good that the integrated ticketing saga finally seems to be coming to an end as it seems to have been one of those projects where things have gone wrong at every turn (not all AT’s doing). After the remaining bus companies have switched over then AT can hopefully focus on getting integrated fares rolled out (hopefully this year). It would also be great if AT could then start looking at rolling out HOP to AT’s carparking buildings.

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  1. Is there any talk of AT working with Airport Express to use AT Hop? It would be nice to get on at the airport and just wave a card, rather than have to book tickets in advance etc.

    1. Doubt it would happen. Airbus Express is a fully commercial service and if they went with HOP then AT would get patronage data which I’m guessing AE don’t want to give up.

        1. Only some of Fullers routes are fully commercial, rest are contracted and required to have HOP. Accepting HOP on the fully commercial services likely to be a condition of other contracts.

          1. I haven’t looked myself yet so this is second or third hand information, but I have heard that ATHOP readers are appearing on Airbus buses. It’s possible Airbus will accept HOP money as a form of payment, but still maintain their separate (commercial) fare structure, like the ferries currently do.

          2. PS minor technical note Matt – looks like the webserver the blog is hosted on has a clock sync/drift problem, I posted the above message at 11:10, not 11:22.

    2. I have definitely seen the card readers about 1.5 month ago when heading to the airport, one was not covered with the blue bag. So seems like Airbus E. joins

        1. It sounds pretty useless: no concessions (I can live with that), but only one-way fares! Cash return is $28 but if one uses Hop it will be $32.
          What’s the point?

  2. Also the Deadline to use remaining e-money balance on your purple HOP card has been extended until 28th February 2014


    Further to our email yesterday, we have taken on board your feedback, and would like to advise that we have extended the deadline to use any remaining e-money balance on your purple HOP card until 28th February 2014.

    At the following locations, you can use any remaining e-money balance on your purple HOP card to top up your AT HOP card with HOP Money. Please note this date will not be extended further.

    222, Queen Street, Auckland CBD
    Manukau Institute of Technology
    Copy Centre – O Block, Gate 9, Otara Road, Otara
    Mayfield Superette
    15 Johnstones Road, Otara 2023
    AT Customer Service Centre
    Constellation Park and Ride, 62 Parkway Drive, Mairangi Bay​
    AT Customer Service Centre​
    Albany Park and Ride, 125 McClymonts Road, Albany
    ​AT Customer Service Centre
    Smales Farm, ​150 Shakespeare Road, Takapuna
    ​AT Customer Service Centre
    Auckland Council Service Centre, Ground Floor Kotuku House, Osterley Way, Manukau
    ​Ticket Office
    ​Britomart Transport Centre, 8-10 Queen Street, CBD
    ​Ticket Office
    ​New Lynn Transport Centre, 2 Clark Street, New Lynn
    ​Ticket Office
    ​Newmarket Train Station, Remuera Road opposite Nuffield Street, Newmarket
    ​Ticket Office
    ​Papakura Train Station, Platform 3, Railway Street West, Papakura

    Please note, North Star, Metrolink, LINK, Go West and Waka Pacific will not provide a refund for any unused purple HOP card e-money balances or monthly passes.

    If you have any queries at all, please contact our call centre on 09 366 4467.

    AT HOP Team

    Auckland Transport
    Visit or call
    09 366 4467 for more information.
    HOP AT

  3. The Northern Express changing over also marks the first time that the same card (and the new monthly passes) is good for use on the entire Auckland Rapid Transit Network.

    (The Auckland RTN consists of all the “rapid” lines – the rail lines plus the northern busway’s core service being the NEX bus).

    Time for Auckland Transport to add the busway to the rail network map and rename it the Rapid Transit Map.

  4. Now that the entire “Rapid Transit Network” will be using AT HOP it is time for AT to start promoting the interconnectivity between the local uses and the trains and Northern Express. Instead of the miserly 50 cent transfer discount that no-one knows about the transfer rebate should be promoted as the equivalent of a one zone HOP fare. Hence people could transfer from local to rapid transit and complete their journey more quickly without being penalised. An example would be, people from Forrest Hill could change from the 875 bus to the Northern Express to the city at Smales Farm and would pay the same price as staying on the 875 while it wandered through Takapuna shops etc on its way to the city if the transfer rebate was equivalent to a one zone HOP fee.

    1. Ah, you’re talking about “zonal” fares (with fixed geographical boundaries) instead of the current “stage” fares (which are specific to each bus route). This is the second stage of HOP, and hopefully we’ll see what you’re talking about by the end of the year. In the meantime, check this out for what to expect when that (eventually) happens.

  5. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get ride of the complex fair structure.

    I’ve just been visiting Melbourne, and they only have two zones, zone 1 & 2. The inner zone is a approximately 28 km in diameter – which is pretty much Albany to Onehunga, Westgate to Panmure.

    Fares are two hour or all day – no penalties for transfers. The daily rate is twice the two hour rate.

    To travel two hours in zone 1 costs you 3.58, in zone 2 costs you 2.48 and both zones cost you 6.06.

    No cash payments accepted on trams or trains. Trams were so quick to load with two double doors and a single-width door, and 5 tag on machines per tram. Coming back to Auckland to get on a bus, seems so primitive loading at the front with only one tag machine.

  6. It’ll be great to get the AT Hop on Howick and Eastern. I often take the bus from Grafton to CBD and I used to wait for an NZ bus to use my purple Hop – even if there were 10 H&E buses that arrived first! Soon I’ll be able to take the first bus that passes me

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