Interested in urban issues, not attending the Big Day Out and looking for something to do next Friday night? Then have I got the thing for you. At 8:30pm The Human Scale will be screening at Silo Park

The Human Scale

50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to 80%. Life in a mega city is both enchanting and problematic; today we face issues surrounding peak oil, climate change, loneliness and severe health concerns due to our way of life. Danish Architect and professor Jan Gehl tries to explain why, combining his understanding of urban design and a 40-year study of human behaviour in cities. After a successful season at the Internation Film Festival in New Zealand, Silo Cinema has teamed up with Pecha Kucha Auckland to screen an unmissable film which speaks directly to the issues Auckland is facing as the population is tipped to hit two million by 2030.

Before the movie there will also be a Pecha Kucha night with the talkers/topics being:

Dr. Stephen Rainbow // General Manager Strategy, Waterfront Auckland // great design, sustainability and commercial development

James Samuel // Food Forest NZ // Urban food: creative and fun

Bevan Woodward // Project Director, Sky Path // The SkyPath and the plan to transform Auckland into a cycle-friendly, walkable city

Alastair Jamieson // Ecologist and photographer // The volcanoes in our backyard

Julie Anne Genter // Transport planner and Green MP // Improving the user-friendliness of Auckland

It should be a good night and when I checked recently most of the TransportBlog team were planning on attending. Hopefully the weather is good.

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  1. It’s a great documentary, but somehow the idea of screening it at silo park accompanied by a powerpoint presentation (or pecha kucha as it’s now called) as part of a green party fundraiser is rather cringeworthy. Not really in the spirit of what silo park should be for.

    1. First of all, there’s a “spirit” of what Silo Park “should be for”? Which somehow doesn’t include having movies in it, which has been a staple attraction since it opened? Or we somehow have decided that some public spaces are somehow unfit for discussing public affairs? First I’ve heard.

      Also, I’m not seeing how this is a Green Party fundraiser, or partisan in any way. The event is hosted by Waterfront Auckland and is free – the only connection the Green Party appears to have is that one of the speakers is one of their MPs. You know that an MP’s job is basically turning up to miscellaneous events all day long, right?

    2. What would the spirit of silo park be if not modern urbanism? Sure if they were screening movies in the carpark at botany…

  2. Have seen it before but plan to see it again! Awesome doco. Good variety of speakers too. I’d actually like to see more interactive events like this – I think it’s exactly what a public space should be used for,

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