1. Waiheke is home. But Auckland Transport and Fullers are conspiring to turn it into NZ’s version of Martha’s Vineyard by making living there impossible. Upping fares for season tickets by 35% on January 1 2014 due to the inability of rolling out an AT Hop card for buses/trains/ferries including Waiheke is a huge economic disaster waiting to happen.

  2. What is Waiheke’s population these days? It is worth comparing the fact that whangaparoa simply because they are on the roaring network look likely to get hundreds of millions spent on subsidising their driving by way of pen link but Waiheke simply gets a private operator running a ferry. And people claim cars pay their way.

  3. Nice photo. Though I don’t see why the rest of Auckland should subsidise Waiheke. It is the price you pay if you want to live there.

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