1. There are heaps of 3-storey townhouses and a few multi-storey apartment blocks in St Heliers. Google it. Older readers will recall Dr Donald making his fortune with apartment blocks further along Tamaki Drive (towards the city) which might include those you can see in the first photo.

    1. Not in these pictures anyway. There is at least one 4 storey apartment building in St Heliers, and there are town houses.

  1. I don’t think the apartments in St Helliers are ‘affordable housing’. Not that anyone mentioned that anyway.
    Auckland could do with more apartment buildings and places like Mt Eden, Parnell, Ponsonby, and K road would benefit greatly from this sort of developments. These apartments should only be well made higher end living and not the awful tower blocks school teachers and sound technicians could afford. Of course, I know the zoning wouldn’t allow that anyway. And, to be honest, I’ve got no idea why I’m talking about school teachers and sound technicians in the first place.

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