One of the interesting policies that he former Waitakere City Council implemented was to improve the amount of art in the community. Many of the installations revolved around integrating the pieces while also the process of doing infrastructure works.  Walking around Henderson, here are some of the artworks that can be found (sorry these are Patrick quality photos)

First up we have the bridge on Sturges Rd over the rail lines (the station is just behind me). This piece is one of those ones that people seem to either love or hate. In addition to the red hoops the glass panels – which are there to prevent access to the wires below – have prints on them of artwork from some local kids at the time.

Sturges Rd

Next we have a pedestrian only bridge that provides pedestrian and cycling access from Mt Lebanon Lane and the Corban Estate through to Henderson Park. This is part of what is quite a decent cycleway. The photos are from either side of the bridge.

Henderson Park 2

But it isn’t just bridges, the next two photos are painting that has been done to liven up the otherwise bland concrete of abutment and pier for the rail bridge over the stream.

Rail Bridge Abutment

Rail Bridge Pier

The commercial area of Henderson is bounded to its East and West by two streams (the Opanuku and the Oratia). Great North Rd crosses both of these streams on journey through the suburb and on the bridges is an identical piece of artwork helping to signify the entrance to the town centre. This photo is from the Western side on the bridge that crosses Opanuku Stream.

Great North Rd 1

Personally I think they look better at night when they are been lit up.

Great North Rd 2

Artwork is also included in the some of the footpaths like this to signify the Twin Streams

Twin Streams Sybmol

Some of the older pieces of artwork around Henderson includes around Hart Domain. One one side of the road is this sculpture recognising some of the early history out west.

Bullock Sculpture

While on the other side next a playground is this which handily includes seats for parents to sit and watch.

Hart Domain

The last set of photos are from nearby me at Paremuka Reserve. The bridge spans the stream leading to it and connects Summerland Dr and Munroe Rd. I believe the patter is meant to represent traditional Maori fishing nets.

Summerland-Munroe Bridge

And this is in the (man-made) lakes as part of the reserve. The sculpture in the foreground is a man holding an eel while you can also see the wires for electrification in the background.

Paremuka Reserve

There are a couple of other bridges at Falls Park and through to Tui Glen Reserve that have artistic features but sadly the memory card I had in my phone at the time corrupted and I lost the photos.

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  1. Sure the henderson bridge looks nice and upgraded from the top, but have you seen whats under it? a homeless settlement and complete filth, it can all be viewed from the recently upgraded walkways.

  2. If only the rest of Auckland would follow this example… However, I personally don’t like the Sturges Road bridge as I don’t think that the red hoops fit in with their surroundings. There’s a fine line between something looking artistic and something looking childish, and in my opinion this bridge has crossed that line.

  3. I went out to Henderson park a few months ago. It’s an example of what should happen to all creeks in auckland.

  4. I love the artwork out west, makes the rides more inetresting, and gives local colour to the suburbs – which in Auckland I otherwise find can be very “samey” wherever you go.

    Sadly, that Henderson bridge is way too narrow for a shared path cycleway ;-( But I agree it looks pretty cool too – I guess it is supposed to evoke semaphores?

  5. I ride along Henderson Creek as part of my daily commute, today I saw two kingfishers darting above the water as I pedalled along. On a good day (everyday) it’s like cycling through the pages of National Geographical. Love it

  6. Have always thought this was a fantastic initiative. Makes daily life that bit more interesting walking around.

    Also love the rail bridge. Sometimes its nice not having things fitting in to the surroundings. Not all sculptures need to be koru’s.

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