Campbell Live did an excellent piece last night about the Skypath. If you haven’t seen it yet it is well worth a watch.

Campbell Live - Skypath

We have done a number of posts about the project in recent months, you can see them here.

Note to our commenter who is a part time resident of Northcote: Yes we know you don’t like the project and if you want to comment on this post then please remain respectful that other people are allowed to have different opinions (well that goes for everyone).

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  1. Calling all St Mary’s Bay Residents.

    St Mary’s Bay Association is having their AGM at 7:30pm next Thursday July 25, at Richmond Yacht Club, Westhaven and I have requested the following Members Motion be voted upon:

    “The St Mary’s Bay Association supports the SkyPath project, as the members of the St Mary’s Bay Association believe this project will be for the betterment of the amenities of St Mary’s Bay (and its environs) and it will encourage the full recreational use of the Auckland Harbour environs”

    Please come along and vote to support the SkyPath. If you are not already a St Mary’s Bay Association Member you can join on the night, the cost of an annual membership is $20.

    Boundary Map of St Marys can be found at

  2. I understand that the St Mary’s Bay Association has been strongly opposed to SkyPath. Do they also oppose Waterfront Auckland’s plan for a walking & cycling promenade along the water’s edge at the Westhaven marina?

    Interestingly, they pushed for the ‘nice to have’ but unnecessary footbridge across the motorway between Jacob’s Ladder in St Mary’s Bay and Westhaven, This cost approx $8M.

    1. The SMA is the platform one crank’s view I’m afraid. Like Northcote there are other voices on these issues in there but time rich over-entitled bullies get themselves in control of these little parish pump organisations and pour their energy into using the platform to force their miserable and, it seems, selfishly negative world views onto the whole city.

      More reasonable people tend to have better things to do.

  3. he referred to the “central city rail LINK” the message is starting to get through!

    all up a very positive piece

  4. I like how the guy tries to trick the uninformed into thinking it costs $11 to get onto the Sydney harbour bridge and that we get the low low price of $3.50.

    1. It costs $11 to go to the observation area in Sydney, which is a pretty accurate comparison. It’s a pretty crap view from the walking path because of all the wire fencing enclosing it, so you do have to go up to get the good views. The difference is it costs nothing to cross the Sydney bridge if you aren’t there to look at the view.

      1. Yes I’m aware of that, my point was that the way the guy mentioned the costs gave the impression that it costs $11 to get onto the Sydney Harbour bridge when in fact it’s free.

        If you already knew it was free, like most people here I assume, it makes no difference but for all of those that don’t know and have now watched that will have the wrong impression.

        The other thing they didn’t mention was that they don’t have a securour for their loan yet, as I recall they want the council to take the risk.

        1. that certainly wasn’t my reading of Bevan’s (AKA “the guy”) comment, I think he was pretty clear that the $11 was to get into the obesrvation area andf that certainly was the context he was speaking in at the time he mentioned Sydney

          1. He never mentioned that it was free to cross the bridge however and that you can easily stop to get a good view from anywhere on the main structure.

            My guess is that you already know it’s free to cross their harbour bridge and so your mind automatically concluded what he was saying without even really needing to listen.

          2. @SF. Does this mean you’re advocating for free crossing of the skypath? Fantastic. Now we just need AT and NZTA to fund it 100% 🙂

          3. A free path would be great. Given the guys claim to have external funding this could be a chance for a PPP in Auckland.

        2. I think you are assuming what other people think. It was perfectly clear to my wife, who has little interest in this sort of thing and has never crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on foot.

  5. Looks good. An transport project with a hope in hell of having users pay! Not to mention the external benefits. All via a committed amateur activist with a “don’t take no for an answer attitude”. Good on Bevan Woodward for showing the report writing professionals how to do it.

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