Auckland transport is holding a few open days so that people can find out more about the project before submissions on the designation close in the middle of March.

Auckland Transport is holding three open days for people to find out more about the City Rail Link (CRL) and to talk to project staff.

The open days will be held at three locations; Queen Street, Pitt Street and New North Road later this month and next.

The CRL is the next advance in passenger rail development for Auckland. Britomart will become a through station as was envisaged when it was built, unblocking the Auckland rail network to allow faster, more frequent and more reliable services.

The CRL will be built in two 3.4km long tunnels up to 45 metres below the city and provide three new city centre stations before rising to join the existing rail line near Mt Eden station.

Auckland Transport is seeking a designation over land to build and operate the CRL. Auckland Council has publicly notified the application and people have until 19 March 2013 to make submissions via the council website.

Project Director Chris Meale says the open days will provide Aucklanders with opportunities to get information and to discuss the project prior to submissions closing.

“The City Rail Link is a project that will bring benefits to all of Auckland. It will provide much needed public transport capacity for our city which is expected to house almost two thirds of New Zealand’s growth over the next three decades. I look forward to meeting Aucklanders over the three days to talk to them about what’s planned,” says Mr Meale.

Open Days

Thursday 21 February1-6pmBeca Auditorium, 21 Pitt Street
Saturday 2 March11am-4pmChinese Community Centre, 1 New North Road
Wednesday 6 March12-6pmAuckland Town Hall, Queen Street

If you are interested in the project or live in the area, pop along if you can.

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    1. Yes well that is a very optimistic spin on what is basically the Minister still kicking the issue to touch. What he is really is saying he is not going to do anything to advance it because you know and he knows he won’t be anywhere near any important decisions a whole lot sooner than that.

      But it is an indication that their confidence is rattled; no longer so cocky as to just dismiss it and Auckland out of hand.

    2. My bet is they that they will eventually agree on the need for a CRL but will purpose A different route as a delaying tactic as it would send AT back to the drawing board rendering the last few years work on the designation useless.

      1. Such as a token tram project like a certain Auckland Central MP made noises about some time ago?

        Based on current polling and policies, flying cars might be around well before CRL construction.

        Another good reason to move to Perth.

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