1. Of course, according to our rules, parks also need car parking!

    I think we should be consistent and also have some roads in our parks, so people can drive through them.

    1. Indeed, to access some parks around Auckland requires pedestrians to walk through the car park as no pedestrian access has been allowed for. At a nearby park 2 out the 4 main entrances, including opposite a primary school have no footpath access to the park other than to use the car park.

        1. Bit off topic but, in a travelwise survey at the same school, 20% of the kids want to ride to school but only 7% currently do so I can only assume the difference is because parents think it is unsafe. And what’s more, I bet if it got to 20% actually riding to school, the percentage would grow through other school kids wanting to do the same. We just need to make it safe.

      1. In summer the Domain is owned by cricket players who have ancestral rights to park their suvs in the middle of it. You wouldn’t want them to walk, too tiring.

        1. They have the District Plan backing them up after all – can’t have any less than 12.5 car parks per hectare used for cricket (yes, that’s straight from our District Plan!).

          1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That’s pure gold! (and explains why Te Atatu Park, which is the park I was referring to earlier, has so many car parks)

      2. I’m quite proud of the fact that my grandfather and a number of other concerned Aucklanders managed to halt a new road through the Domain in 1940; you can still see the earthworks running from the duck pond to Grafton Road. Funnily enough in 1962 during some royal tour or something, that bastion of right thinking in the UK, the Daily Telegraph, described the Domain as ‘Auckland’s main carpark’; they weren’t too wrong (for once) but it’s far worse now.

  2. The good people of Napier bet Auckland with 15 car parks per hectare for sports fields.
    Houston Texas – does not look to bad with 5 car parks per hectare, unless you add facilities, like 1 space for each picnic table.
    Hamilton has this.
    “Car parking space for Outdoor recreational area – 1 per 3 participants based on the maximum number of participants that the area is designed to accommodate.”
    Anyone what to try and give this a parks per hectare number.

  3. Peter, Auckland can beat Auckland at that game – “high intensity” sports like lawn bowls require 125 (!) car parks per acre used for them, according to the Auckland City Isthmus District Plan.

  4. Hello Ingolfson, are you referring to existing or old min parking standards, I note you are using acres.
    I can get to 111 car parks per acre using min parking from Hamilton’s proposed district plan.
    I get 14 lanes per acre, two teams of eight per lane, 224 participants per acre, which needs 74 car parks, then add “Building serving outdoor recreation area with 1 per 20m2, Frankton Junction bowling club has 740m2 building, that is another 37 car parks, giving total 111 car parks per Acre.

    1. Auckland City – Isthmus District Plan. The one that is still currently operative. Don’t ask me why they are still using acres 😉

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