1. Merry Xmas everyone, and especially for Peter, a smoke free new year.

    I think it was a pretty good year for 2012 for your blog, if not yet for transport in Auckland, and we’ve got to wait for 2014 to get rid of the giant roadblock before the L/LoNS can go ahead.

  2. I drove safely back from Rotorua to Auckland to be with the “other” family today. I was glad I wasn’t joining the long lines travelling the other way.

    I am looking forward to spending some downtime in a largely deserted Auckland for the next week or o.

    1. Yes I was driving back from back that way today too. In my case from just east of Te Puke. The weather was pretty crappy but the roads were fairly quiet and most seemed to be driving safely. Coming back over the Bombays there was a pretty decent line of traffic heading south.

      1. So you got to see all the new bridges and so on for the ‘much needed’ expessway? What a platinum plated solution to a small problem. Drove that way yesterday from Tauranga.

  3. I agree with the road safety message. Remember that Police are enforcing a 4km/h tolerance on speed limits and that speed cameras can now detect trailers and trucks (and enforce the 90km/h open road speed limit). We need to reduce the number of road fatalities.

    I’m off camping at Mimiwhangata for a while, and are looking forward to having less access to the internet.

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