1. Apologies for the late notice; I’ll talk to AT about whether we can post the slides online after the event for those people who were unable to make it along in person.

    1. Ha! Well spotted Gian. Mentioning the availability of parking above all else is a a bug bear of mine – I bet most people walked to this event, so why do we even need to mention that parking’s available? Why is the default assumption that people will drive to events? Anyway, keep calling them out on it and it might change!

      1. Whenever the availability of parking is mentioned above all else I can’t help hearing that guy from the car dealership ad saying “plenty of paaarrking…” over and over again in my head.

        Maybe if the phrase “plenty of PT” were used everywhere or just “plenty of transport options”, it would deliver a hugely different message. Instead of saying “you can only drive there” or “naturally you will drive there” it would say “you choose how you would like to go there” or “you go there on your own terms” or something. Semantics eh.

  2. Was a good presentation, some of the floor questions asked at the end were interesting, although I did find myself wanting to chime in with answers rather than questions :\

    Good to see a lot of thought going into the details, like where to place bus stops at intersections.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Rest assured that a lot of people are putting a lot of thought going into this – that’s not to say that we will get everything perfect from the get-go, but there’s a real desire to make it as successful as possible.

  3. but boys, there’s no Link buses or trains on the SHore, but are they changing the livery on the Northern Express? Royal blue with a white stripe under the windows?

    yes, a good presentation, questions cut off too soon however

    1. The ‘train’ line going to the shore is the busway, since it’s part of the RTN it’s illustrated the same way as the trains. It should go back to being a coloured line at the AHB though as the journey from Fanshawe street to Britomart lacks any priority or speed.

    1. It was publicized in IPENZ transportation circles, but my bad re: not getting the word out earlier on the blog – I’ll definitely try to give more notice next time.

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