There’s only 2 days left until the inaugural Auckland Transport Blog film night and as of today there’s only 6 tickets still available. So if you want to come along to what is sure to be a transport fiesta of epic proportions then you had better make like Usain Bolt and get buying (NB: You can buy tickets online here).

Remember that all proceeds from the film night will go towards covering the (not inconsiderable) costs of hosting the blog; intoxicated donations on the night will also be gratefully accepted. Thanks again to all our major sponsors: Isthmus GroupMRCagneyAuckland Transport, and Odyssey Wines. We also want to thank CityHop for donating some prizes that we will be giving away on the night, as well as the Campaign for Better Transport for kindly acting as bankers and internet hosts, thereby facilitating our petulant out-pourings.

Note that the film itself starts at 8.30pm – feel free to join us beforehand for dinner at the “Go Go Music Cafe” (just up the road from the cinema) from 630pm onwards. I’ll personally buy a drink for the person wearing the coolest transport themed outfit. David Bowie’s nipple antenna signing out!

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  1. Hello there. Just wondering if anyone has a copy of the menu for the “Go Go Music Cafe”. That’d be great as I can’t seem to find a website.

    1. Unfortunately the planned pop-up bike corral didn’t get sorted before the movie. Next year. Street poles for you, I’m afraid. There are some racks down the block, near that terrible parking lot. (Bansai restaurant).

  2. HEY! Just want to say that we’re all looking forward to meeting y’all tonight… Us bloggers are going to be naff enough to be wearing name tags so do come up and say Hi…. even if all you’ve got to say is how wrong we always are!… although of course you will no longer have your customary anonymity to hide behind… heh

    1. Kent- I’m looking after sick rellie. Can’t go. Sell my ticket again to someone on wait list. And don’t refund me- use for bandwidth or something. Meet you all another time…

  3. Enjoy the night people, jealous as, uni’s kept me too busy to have any spare time this week, but I do hope there’s another one of these in the not too distant future!

  4. A damned good night. Mad props to Kent for arranging everything seamlessly. Not only did he source the movie and the theatre, the wine and found us a place to eat, he sorted all the sponsors and prizes, and not to mention prepared the advertisement and drummed up a sell out crowd. I love the little “CRL Yes” badges, wearing it with pride right now.

  5. In the end that it was raining when I set off was the greater factor – I walked. It had the added advantage that I could be lazy on the return trip to the CBD and get a bus.

  6. Fantastic evening, myself and the significant other really enjoyed it. Loved hobnobbing with ATB VIPs:) Restaurant was yummy too, if slightly chaotic;)
    Huge thanks to Kent for organising it! When’s the next one?:)

  7. Was a great night, an excellent film, and many thanks to Kent for organising. Hopefully a similar evening can be held again in the future. The little badges were a neat touch, the wine was great, and as a friendly suggestion – consider providing a decent craft beer option next time…?

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