On Tuesday night Patrick, myself and a number of readers attended the Auckland Conversations event about transport. The guest speaker was Daniel Moylan who was the deputy chair of Transport for London (TfL) and he was talking about how effective transport has transformed London, he was a great speaker and it was a really interesting talk. It was also pleasing that many of the things that he said that are needed for a good PT system are the same things we talk about on here about frequently and are also things that we know AT want to implement as well. One thing that I think is important to remember is that Daniel is a conservative which reinforces to me my belief that good transport solutions should cross the political divide, I would love for the debate in NZ to move above the petty levels it seems stuck at.

Click on the images to bring up the videos (sorry they can’t be embedded). Video 1 is 41 minutes long and is his talk and Video 2 is 30 minutes and the part where he answers questions. Also some comments from a few readers that also attended are in the link above.

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    1. Interesting point there about flashing red vs. flashing green for the “continue crossing but don’t start” signal. I guess that’s a little redundant where they have countdown timers in place.

  1. It was an excellent presentation. Estimated 500 attended. Thanks for putting this up Matt. I asked him afterwards what I should do with my Oyster card and he just said “frame it”. Actually I didn’t pick up how tourists or occasional visitors like myself would work with the debit card they are proposing given that the cards will be product of the local banks. Try opening a bank account there… meh

    1. The point with this system is that it will use debit and credit cards. You would be able to use your NZ credit card just as you can for any other overseas purchase. It does away with the need for a specific transport card as you can use your own bank card, provided it is wave and pay enabled. ANZ is I hear already offerring such a card.

  2. phrases & thoughts:
    turn up & go
    cycle superhighways
    get rid of cash on buses
    PPPs didn’t work for london

  3. I see someone mentioned ASB VISA Pay and Wave (have one of those) and using a Credit or Debit Card instead of something like Snapper (which should be fried)and Oyster.

    I hope we do something like that hear once London has got theirs going successfully I really do. However watching the video’s now – why don’t we have more people like Daniel Moylan in our politics and planning circles.

    The only bugger was I forgot this talk was on 😛 🙁

    1. Well Ben there’s a lesson in real conservative politics. Remember the words conservative and conservation have the same root. The right wing in this country both locally and nationally are not conservative but are neo-liberal wreckers. They are not respecters of culture and tradition, nor the labours and the value built by their forebears. Just a bunch of opportunity hoarding philistines with no sense of value. No understanding of economics only of financial cost; they raise means of payment to a higher level than the actual value of the thing itself. Short-sighted and mean spirited. Disappointing.

    2. The thing about the Oyster card is using local currency. I usually just add £10 or £20 at a time in notes, no fc transaction charge. I expect using a NZ credit or debit card could prove a bit costly.

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