The final version of the Auckland Plan was launched by Mayor Len Brown today. Here’s the Mayor’s message that accompanies the launch:

For the first time in our history, we have a widely-shared vision – to be the world’s most liveable city – and a single plan to deliver this vision for all of Auckland and its people.

Literally thousands of Aucklanders have contributed their ideas, knowledge and expertise to The Auckland Plan and I thank you all for taking part.

The Auckland Plan is a strategy to guide Auckland’s future over the next 30 years. It addresses a multitude of challenges facing Auckland – like transport and housing shortages, giving children and young people a better start, creating jobs in a growing economy, protecting the land and marine environment, and improving the quality of our urban surroundings.

Since the first discussion document – Auckland Unleashed – was distributed in March 2011, The Auckland Plan has evolved through many changes as we listened, learned and evaluated your contributions.

The final document retains all the elements of daring and drive, backed by a sense that the time has come to move the united city forward on a journey to benefit all Aucklanders, present and future, over the next 30 years.

There’s an exciting digital version of the plan on this website which makes it easy to inspect. Printed versions are available for reference at libraries and service centres.

“I urge you to maintain your enthusiasm for The Auckland Plan and consider how we can all work together to turn our vision into a reality.”

The Plan’s website is a fairly flash affair actually – a vast improvement on the normal way plans like these are presented – as many hundreds of pages of PDF documents.

Key parts of the plan likely to be of interest to readers include:

Section D – The Development Strategy
Chapter 10 – Urban Auckland
Chapter 13 – Auckland’s Transport

There is also a fairly nifty video on the Plan, which is embedded below:

The only slightly snide comment I have is that the video seems to say that public transport patronage in 2012 was 70 million – a bit early in the year to make such a prediction one would think!

I’m sure we will all get around to making further posts on the Plan in the future, although not too much seems to have changed since we saw it last. What will really matter, of course, is whether the radical transformation of Auckland the Plan wants to achieve actually happens, or whether it just becomes a really pretty doorstop.

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  1. The only slightly snide comment I have is that the video seems to say that public transport patronage in 2012 was 70 million – a bit early in the year to make such a prediction one would think!

    Not really. They know that there are no union contracts coming due for renegotiation, which would be the one real hiccup that could cause the necessary drop in service levels for a big plunge in patronage, and the rolling 12-month total to April was around 72 million. The RWC was only estimated to be good for about a half-million additional patrons, so we’re well on track (I’ll be here all week) for at least 72m this year and, realistically, more like 72.5m. We should be hitting 74m by the time the EMUs start coming on stream next year, and I would fully expect 80m by the time they’re fully deployed in 2016.

  2. Hmm, when the video talks about higher densities there’s a prominent ten-storey high-rise depicted. Exactly what most Aucklanders fear will happen while the actual intensification will be much more focused on mid-rise, rowhouses etc.

  3. Very nice video.
    Could I suggest a proof-reader would’ve been a good idea?

    “70/40 residential growth split”…

  4. How utterly pathetic:
    “Auckland expects significant improvements in it’s transport system…”

    It’s really not too difficult to learn the difference between “its” and “it’s”. I’m embarrassed to be from Auckland.

  5. Lloyd – Does grammar and spelling really matter that much??

    I mean the reason I read these things is for the content, but maybe that’s just the engineer in me coming out??

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